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Teacher Training: Learning to Teach, Learning to Learn

Education is an important part of all our lives. Whether you are a teacher, business professional, or a busy homeschooling-parent, everyone has something to learn from a course in education. Education learning solutions apply to range of people and can be helpful for personal and professional endeavors. Gain the latest in education technology and theory with a multi-day training program or short course. Browse the above list of education training courses above and find a course that meets your individual goals. 

Training Requirements for Teachers and Educators

Expectations for teachers have increased greatly in recent years, with many states requiring master’s degrees at all levels of teaching. In addition to new teachers having to undergo additional schooling, many current teachers are having to do professional development courses to keep up changing standards. Many teacher training courses are designed to build knowledge and improve levels of competence. Education training can range from a bachelor, master or Phd level programs. Find courses for continuing education at a variety of different levels, including:

  • Pre-school
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education

Current Thoughts on Education Standards

Education standards have changed greatly over recent years, with a number of popular approaches and significant variation among states. One of the more recent developments in structured education is outcomes-based education which intends to move away from the traditional, content based approach. One is designed to measure success based on what the learner knows and is capable of rather than focusing on core knowledge. No matter the approach, transitioning from one set of standards to another, no matter the size of the education facility, can be a serious challenge.

Teacher training on education standards are applicable to those working all across the education industry and may include aspects of:

  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Educational technology

Education Training Courses for Students

Many of the courses in this category are designed to enable students to take on a larger role in their own education. Sometimes students are their own best teachers and a good study guide can make all the difference. Programs for students vary based on the topic and can include anything from study techniques to how to use the latest education software program. Search the above list of education training courses and find the best options designed for students.

Course Formats

Teacher and educator training comes in a variety of formats. Since many professionals and full-time students enroll in these courses, the most popular format is online training. With online courses participants have the flexibility to learn, study and review course material when it is most convenient for them. 

in addition to E-learning formats, courses are also offered in traditional classroom settings or as in-house. You can browse by price, location, length and start dates to make sure that you find the best course to suit your personal needs. 

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