Microsoft Outlook Training

Save time by getting the most out of Outlook. More than just email, Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of the day-to-day activities in offices big and small all over the world. Learn what Microsoft Outlook has to offer, and how to make the most of it with the Outlook training courses below.
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What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a versatile program for managing personal and professional information. Most commonly it is used in a professional capacity as an email application, allowing the user a clean interface for sending, receiving, and managing their correspondences. However, Outlook is starting to be used more as an important tool not only for email communications but also as a tool to manage associated tasks and meetings. Outlook can also be used for optimizing and managing contacts, notes and calendars. There are a variety of outlook training courses available that instruct and familiarize participants on how to use all the different functions of Outlook. Search among the above courses and find options fit for your current level of program understanding, as well as the desired program version.

Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook training programs are generally split into at least two levels; beginner and advanced. Basic courses in Outlook are likely to cover general navigation of the program’s interface, outline the major functions and guide learners through their primary uses.

This can include:

  • Managing email messages
  • Managing a calendar
  • Maintaining an organized inbox
  • Scheduling appointments and meeting
  • Managing contact information

Advanced courses are well worth the time invested, as they allow participants the opportunity to tap the true potential of the program. There are Outlook training courses that are specific to this newest version of Outlook and instruct on how to use the latest updates. Topics for these upper level courses generally include:

  • Sorting, filtering and organizing messages
  • Managing advanced calendar options
  • Creating and editing an electronic business card
  • Sharing: calendar, contacts, and mail folder
  • Backing up outlook data
  • Security settings for email messages
  • Saving messages in alternate formats

Microsoft Outlook Training Course Formats

A majority of Microsoft Outlook training courses are delivered in an online format. This can be very beneficial for professionals who want to take these courses because they have the freedom to take the course and resit the material when it is most convenient for them. There are also a series of short one day Outlook training courses that are available in a classroom environment in various locations.