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What is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a way or method in which individuals settle their differences and come to a mutual conclusion which benefits both parties. It is a process where compromise or agreement is made in order to attain a common goal and to avoid argument or dispute between both parties.

Negotiating effectively helps individuals achieve objectives, strengthen relationships, reach agreements, and ultimately be more productive. It’s something that everyone does every day whether they are aware of it or not. In today’s world, while having strong analytical skills to bring solutions to problems is essential, without the negotiation know-how, it gets difficult to bring those solutions in the market. If there is a solution out there, but can’t be implemented in real life, then it’s just as good as having no solution to the problem at all. This is why online negotiation courses can be extremely helpful and important. 

Online Negotiation Courses Benefits

On completion of negotiation courses, learners should understand the following:

  • Manage the negotiating process  and evaluate costs and benefits of different actions
  • Enhanced capability  to understand and predict the behavior of individuals in competitive situations
  • Develop a strategic plan for effective negotiating
  • Strengthen confidence in the negotiation process

Training Format

Online negotiation courses can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Online formats provide flexibility and convenience, for professionals who work a full time job, to take the course or revisit the course material when it best suits them. Online courses also offer a lot of variation and helpful resources. Professionals will find that there are webinars available along with courses that offer slide presentations, interactive quizzes, video lectures, and practical exercises.

The duration of online negotiation courses are usually self paced and can range from one hour to twenty hours. Most courses offer a self-study format and a certificate after completing the courses with a certain percentage.

Course Contents

The topics covered in online negotiation courses include:

  • Influencing skills
  • Circumstances affecting influencing capabilities
  • Influencing types
  • Identifying own influencing type
  • Influencing behaviors
  • Emotional awareness
  • Active listening for effective negotiation
  • Rapport building activities
  • Interpretations and perceptions
  • Demonstrating conflict resolution skill
  • Identifying major causes of conflict
  • Opportunities for negotiation
  • Optimal conditions for negotiating
  • Difference between strategy and tactics
  • Difference between negotiation and conflict
  • Common negotiation tactics

Online negotiation courses help participants acquire an effective set of negotiation skills. These can be very helpful in providing valuable insight into the art of negotiation.

Career Prospects for professionals

 A negotiation skills course is valued nowadays no matter which industry you work in. A degree/certificate on a negotiation course can help professionals from all industries gain a competitive edge over others.

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