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10 Highly Reviewed Professional Development Courses in Canada

Professional training courses are an efficient solution to keeping up with industry trends and developing a wide range of professional skills, whether general or more specialized. Employers appreciate those with additional training certifications, it shows that you are invested in both your own personal development and that of the organization.

Here we have compiled some highly reviewed courses in Canada that we think are worth a look if you are looking for opportunities to further your professional skills. If you have worked with any of these courses or their providers, head over to their page and leave a review to let others know what you thought!

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Project Management

1. Project Management: Managing Client Relationships (CSPN)

Through this course by CSPN, students will gain an understanding of best practices in managaing relationships with clients during the many stages of project management. Particular areas of focus include negotiation, managing expectations, and managing time and budgets. Learn more here.

“The Project Management Course provided the team with the knowledge and skills to help us take control of our workload. The delivery was engaging and content easy to understand and apply.  Everyone walked with so much valuable information, and they are still talking about the great program.” - L. Powell


2. PMP® Exam Preparation (IT Chapter)

Designed for those working within project management, this course will prepare students to pass the PMP certification examination. The course will explore the PMP principles and methods applicable to daily project situations. Learn more here.

“Greatly appreciated my PMP® Exam Prep course with IT Chapter: It helped me by making it easier to fit my work experience with techniques to study.” - Guy P.

IT Chapter

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Computer Programming

3. iOS Programming for iPhone and iPad Application (Hands on Technology Transfer)

This 5-day hands-on course will equip you with an in-depth understanding of iPhone and iPad app development using Objective-C programme language. Hands on Technology Transfer reviews indicate this course is an incredibly useful way to learn about a wide variety of concepts including built-in data, custom screen creation, Apple guidelines, storyboarding, and interface development. Learn more here.

"The course was extremely well run. This is one of the few courses I've ever taken where the workshops and exercises reinforced all of the material covered. I will be able to put this knowledge to immediate use at work." - J.B.


4. Fundamentals of Computer Programming (ctc TrainCanada)

If you are wanting a comprehensive introduction to computer programming, this hands-on, practical-focused course is for you. Over four days, you will gain foundation skills in the programming languages C and C++. Learn more here.

"If you live in Canada and are thinking about upgrading your computer knowledge or application skills ctcTrainCanada is a great place to do that. Excellent customer support and knowledgeable instructors." - Jake D.

ctc TrainCanada

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Leadership & Management

5. Management Skills for New Supervisors and Managers (Canadian Management Centre)

If you are new to a supervision or managerial role, this course is a great opportunity to gain an understanding of fundamental skills in leadership and management. Canadian Management Centre reviews indicate previous participants have learned valuable knowledge on communication and relationship management, delegation, behavioural styles and effective performance management to motivate your staff. Learn more here.

"Real-world tools delivered clearly and succinctly! Our facilitator's ability to maintain the energy level over our three-day course was super-human which invited his students to really engage and lean into the content. Stellar. Stellar. Stellar!" - Andrew P.

Canadian Management Centre

6. Customer-Focused Leadership (The Training Bank)

Through this 2-3 day workshop, you will learn best practices and gain tools to help enhance the quality of your organization's customer service. This course is presented either as a two or three day workshop and trained staff will come to your location anywhere within Northern America to conduct the workshop wherever is best for you. Learn more here.

"Customer-Focused Leadership was extremely effective. The pace was just right. Excellent interaction with lots of real world examples. Most of best practices and approaches are practical and can be implemented and incorporated into our organizational culture." - Paul S., Product Marketing Manager

The Training Bank

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Communication & Interpersonal Skills

7. Stand & Deliver: Presentation Skills (Combustion)

Through this globally acclaimed workshop, you will learn how to use everything you've got going for you to deliver authentic and credible presentations. Drawing on industry experiences, the world-renown tutors will provide a practical-based approach to developing strong presentation skills. Learn more here.

“Absolutely amazing. I went in pretty reluctant as I have been in many presentation skills workshops before but this one was second to none. I learned more in one day that I have in years.” - Course participant


8. Foundations of Dialogue Education (Global Learning Partners)

Through this highly collaborative learning experience, you will gain in-depth knowledge of how adults learn best and skills to alter the way you teach to enhance the way your learners absorb and retain content. Learn more here.

"I would recommend this course to others. It does not matter how many years of experience you may have as a trainer, this course adds to your knowledge in a great way." - Course participant

Global Learning Partners

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Oil & Gas

9. Geology for Non-Geologists (Peice)

This four-day course is a popular option for those with limited to no experience in geology who want to gain a practical knowledge of the skills and principles used by petroleum geologists. Perfect for those in the oil and gas industry. Learn more here

"Very good! For someone with no experience in Geology this was a very informative course." - Course participant


10. Canada's Oil Sands Industry (Oak Leaf Energy Training)

Through this course you will gain an in-depth overview of the economic, geopolitical and technological factors that influence the development of the oil sands industry, covering topics such as resource base, exploration and drilling, recovery techniques, transportation, industry economics and environmental issues. Oak Leaf Energy Training reviews show this course is aimed at professionals new to the oil sands industry or those wanting to enhance their knowledge and skill set. Learn more here.

"I found the course highly informative and there was a tremendous amount of high quality information presented." - John

Oak Leaf Energy Training

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Last updated: 28 Feb 2019

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