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Optimizing Success Through Resilience Training

L&D professionals in North America recently cited resilience and adaptability as the most important skill to develop this year. In response to this finding, published the article Resilience: the Power Skill of the 2021 Workplace. It's a comprehensive, practical understanding of this vital professional and personal skill.

We asked some of our training suppliers to share their expertise on this subject. Read on to see what provider, Eagle's Flight, had to say about how resilience training keeps your workforce current and agile.

Ask the Expert: Eagle's Flight on Resilience and Adaptability in the Workplace

Whether change occurs because of organizational initiatives, evolving market conditions, global events, or a leadership transition, it is not a matter of if change will occur, but when. Resilience is key for a high performing culture as the world changes around us. 

At Eagle’s Flight, we have developed many virtual or in person programs that lead to behaviour change and focus on resiliency and adaptability. 

An example of a program developed through COVID-19 out of a response from our clients was a themed virtual experience, where participants are a team of researchers and biologists tasked with monitoring the health of the panda population. This experiential learning session draws out lessons on setting the vision, communication, optimizing impact, resilience, and the importance of high-functioning teams.

Teams will walk away from the session having learnt about: 

  1. Being agile and adaptable while keeping the focus on the desired outcome

  2. Upholding the vision through change 

  3. Optimizing the success of the change initiative through timely, relevant, and effective communication 

  4. Maintain team momentum, and motivation 

As we all focus on what our post-pandemic workplace culture will look like, resilience and adaptability will continue to be an important topic for discussion to building a high-capacity workplace culture.

About Eagles's Flight

Founded in 1988, Eagle's Flight has earned its reputation as a global leader in the development and delivery of business-relevant, experiential learning programs that achieve specific training objectives and lasting behavior change. 

The Eagle's Flight brand of experiential learning engages and challenges all levels of participants, both in-class and online, delivering a competitive edge to all sizes of organizations through improved workforce performance and better productivity.

This focus on realizing the potential within every individual, through tools that change behavior to improve performance, is what sets us apart.


Eagle’s Flight has been offering corporate training that delivers results for nearly three decades, and in that time we have worked with a wide variety of organizations, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Our client's span industries from Automotive, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality, to Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, and Energy. That experience along with our extensive in-house design and customization capabilities, allows us to deliver to your organization's unique and specific needs.

Want to learn more about the skills you’ll need

in the 2021 workplace? 

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Last updated: 13 Apr 2021

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