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Better Than Brainstorming

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Varies on Client Needs (1 Hr -Full Day)
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Live online training available for teams (+2 start dates)
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Course description


Better Than Brainstorming

A Team Building, Leadership and Business Innovation Hackathon to Shake Things Up and Find Solutions

A “hack” is a “novel creation or solution to a problem,” and the purpose of a Hackathon is to generate solutions to a problem or situation. While Hackathons were created to promote business innovation in the IT community, this format can be used to solve problems or generate ideas in any leadership group, team or organization. You provide the situation and the participants create a solution, using the foundational principles of improvisation. This gives them greater capacity to be agile, think on their feet, accept unusual solutions and boost organizational dynamics.

Get ready for creative solutions and lots of fun! This is a high-energy motivational experience for leaders, executives, and all team members!

Applicable Categories: Business Innovation, Leadership, Team Building and more.

We combine improvisation and neuroscience to develop flexible, adaptable, positive leaders and teams. That’s the #ImprovEdge

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Training content

Hackathon Session Outcomes include:

  • Apply the Hackathon model to business innovation
  • Learn 4 critical improvisational techniques to engage in innovative practices
  • Master 3 techniques to foster small and applicable innovations for teams and organizations
  • Lead a successful brainstorming session
  • Understand the brain science behind creative constraint, and how it can generate more possibilities rather than less
  • Discover case studies that show both successful outcomes and pitfalls to avoid
  • Generate multiple innovative solutions to the issue or problem

Keynote Outcomes include:

  • High-energy motivational experience for the Hackathon
  • Case studies and brain science behind why this format works so well
  • Discover case studies that show both successful outcomes and pitfalls to avoid
  • Everyone walks out with 3 techniques they can use immediately to drive innovation
  • Promoted Team Building and Organizational Dynamics

Virtual Learning (Elearning) Outcomes include:

  • Applying improvisation to innovation
  • Learning case studies to apply to the Hackathon
  • Delving into the behaviors that propel business innovation
  • Creating a successful brainstorming and team building session
  • Answering questions and motivating participants to engage with their teams

Course delivery details

Hackathon Session - Full or Half day

The Hackathon is an experience in innovation and encourages participants to think on their feet, manage in the moment, and be collaboratively creative using improvisational behaviors. By the end of the session, each team will have a fully generated solution to the problem or challenge!


This high energy, interactive keynote will engage and prepare audiences for a Hackathon! The audience will learn improvisational techniques to use as the catalyst for creating collaborative teams and innovative ideas. Attendees will use and apply Hackathon methods and improvisational exercises to drive collaboration, team buildings and create a passionate pitch for their idea!

No matter how large your audience, they will be engaged, laughing, interacting and sometimes on their feet! The content is fast-paced and immediately useable during the Hackathon as well as transferable to the work environment.

Virtual Learning (Elearning) - 30 to 60 Minutes

This format allows your dispersed teams to receive high-impact learning in a short amount of time. Concentrated topics are covered in abbreviated sessions.


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Certification / Credits

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • 3 techniques and key behaviors that drives business innovation
  • Creative brainstorming that works like a charm
  • Motivation for participants to engage creatively and thoughtfully within their organizational dynamic
  • Case studies and brain science research behind why this format works so well
  • Case studies that show both successful outcomes and pitfalls to avoid

Why choose Improv?

Certified women-owned

Developing agile, flexible leaders and teams for more than 20 years

Researched-based combination of improvisation and neuroscience for dynamic business training

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