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Foundations of Leadership - Virtual Coaching

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4 weeks
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4 weeks
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Course description

Foundations of Leadership - Virtual Coaching

Whether you are a seasoned supervisor or a newly promoted manager, the Foundations of
Leadership course is designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to lead teams and help team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity.

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Training content


At the end of this module, you will be clear about your unique management style and how you naturally interact with others. You will discover:

  • How the 4 different behavioral styles in the workplace respond to different motivators
  • What's important to you as a manager, and how other styles are responding to you now
  • Your management strengths, challenges, motivators and stressors as a manager
  • Specific tips for working with your own manager's style preferences, and what you need to do to gain your manager's buy-in.


Employees are sending us messages all the time about their own style, what motivates them and what their hot buttons are. You will discover:

  • The 2 questions that will help you quickly and easily identify the DiSC style of any other person, so that you will know how you need to lead them differently
  • Your natural approach to the key actions you must take to lead and manage your team: Directing, Delegating, Motivating and Developing others. Knowing your tendencies will help you identify your strengths and development needs and how you can be most effective.
  • What specific techniques you must use to adapt to each employee's DiSC style. You'll gain confidence in your ability to read people and know how to respond to them differently.


Your ability to address performance problems in a way that motivates the employee while also changing and improving performance is an essential skill many managers don't have.

  • The 1 Foundational Principle that is your strongest tool to engage your staff
  • The 3 Power Skills that help you communicate with clarity while building rapport at the same time
  • How the 7 Step Performance Coaching Process generates employee buy-in and desire to improve for almost any situation you encounter
  • How to incorporate the Key Communication Skills into the 7 Step Process to ensure optimum clarity and receptivity
  • How to effectively address resistance, conflict and defensiveness during the coaching conversation


Most managers know they need set goals and turn in annual performance reviews, but coaching throughout the year towards those goals is usually the weakest, yet most important, link.

  • One simple step the vast majority of managers overlook that can impact your employee's performance the most
  • How to encourage employee buy-in and ownership during each phase of the performance management cycle

Course delivery details

The Foundations of Leadership program is delivered virtually, once a week, over a 4-week period. Inside each weekly module, you will find video instructions with downloadable tools, templates and the Leadership Development Plan to capture action ideas. There are 2 optional telephone sessions with one of our certified coaches after week 1 and week 4. 


The fee for this course is $997 per person. 

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Case Studies

NexaLearning Testimonial - Jamie Thompson


To date, 93% of participants have indicated that this was the best course that they have ever taken.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Christine Archer


My experience with the Foundations of Leadership program has been fantastic. 

NexaLearning Testimonial - Becca Donovan


My experience with the Foundations of Leadership program so far has been extremely positive.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Katherine Urban


I think this is an excellent course, most particularly for those that are new to management.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Doug Derstine


My experience in the Foundations of Leadership program has been outstanding.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Barry Williams


Nexa really helps you make sure that you’re on point and maintaining and continuing down the path that helps you grow with your team and become a better leader.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Bai David


I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is a manager.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Lee Burk


My experience with the Foundations of Leadership Program has been excellent.

NexaLearning Testimonial - Elizabeth Jordan


My experience with Foundations of Leadership has actually been very positive.