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Find professional training and development in Oklahoma City. A popular destination due to its strong economy and low housing prices, Oklahoma City has become an excellent city for young professionals looking to start and grow in their career. Find training in Oklahoma City and grow in your field
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More About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, the capital and most populous city in the state of Oklahoma, boasts success in a wide range of industries. The city has one of the top livestock markets in the world, is a major contributor and vital source of oil and gas production globally, and has been ranked by Forbes as one of the top ten cities for thriving and prosperous businesses and careers. The city is continuously growing both in its population and in its economy and is continuing to draw in younger residents. Over the years, Oklahoma City has made itself known throughout the United States and the world as its citizens and corporations continue to aim for growth and success. Consider training in Oklahoma City and growing in your personal and processional life. 

The Economy of Oklahoma City

The economy of Oklahoma City is comprised of various industry sources, holding a reputation for remaining profitable and prosperous throughout its history. In fact, the city has been lauded as the most “recession-proof” city in the United States of America. This is a testament to the continuously low unemployment rates, the high percentage of job creation throughout the city, and the city’s resilient housing market. The city’s economy can be broken down to its strongest industries: oil and gas, the energy sector, agriculture and manufacturing, and business.

These industries have provided numerous jobs to the residents of Oklahoma City and have profited the city immensely. In order for companies to stay strong against industry changes and developments, there are an assortment of training providers that offer professional training in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Business

Home to a handful of Fortune 500 companies and even more Fortune 1000 companies, Oklahoma City is no slouch within the business industry. The expertise and wide range of knowledge of these businesses have greatly affected the city and have encouraged a significant increase in job training. Companies both large and small are investing heavily into professional training for their employees and senior executives. This increase reflects the increase witnessed nationwide, and earning new qualifications and certifications is becoming more important than ever. To find professional training in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas, search the training courses listed above.

Oil and Gas in Oklahoma City

“Oil and Gas” and “Oklahoma” have almost become synonymous, due to the vast and critical success of the industry within the state. Oklahoma City has helped the state achieve this level of recognition and has a broad history in oil and gas. Oil was discovered in Oklahoma City in the early 1900s and has since transformed the city. Some of the largest oil fields in the world reside in Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City is actually positioned in the center of an active oil field. Several oil derricks are scattered throughout city limits still today.

Job opportunities within the oil and gas industry are plentiful in Oklahoma City. If you are interested in learning more about the oil and gas industry then consider searching for training in Oklahoma City.