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Course participant reviews for AMA - American Management Association

Average rating 4.6

Based on 29861 reviews.

Teresa M.
This free AMA webinar was run a couple of months ago, and I loved it and am registering for it again. There is so much helpful information and the interaction is live with new attendees so there will be so much more to learn. I plan to take the full Women's Leadership Certificate program in the Fall.
Maggie K.
Rob was knowledgeable and engaging. He used memorable and relatable examples and kept a good pace throughout the three days.
Michelle L.
This is a great course and Glen is an excellent instructor! I have learned a lot of valuable information!
Mike S.
I thought the class was great. Learned a lot. Wished it was in person but given the current time with the pandemic, I get it.
David B.
Great content and good pace. Instructor was very engaging and providing fantastic insight & advice.
Sarah P.
Phenomenal class - instructor was tremendously engaging and knowledgeable, material was relevant and helpful, and the class size (9) was just right for a virtual setting.
Tim G.
The instructor knew the material well and kept everyone's attention to the topics and key takeaways. Also encouraged our interactions and feedbacks which allowed us to learn from one another as well.
Andria M.
I really enjoyed this seminar. Hazel was wonderful and I learned so much. I can't wait to apply what I learned and grow in my job as a customer service rep.
Becka C.
I really enjoyed this course and plan to use a lot of what I have taken from it with my team.
Julie B.
I learnt a lot that I did not know and it was easily learnt. The handouts were excellent reference materials for when I forget how to do something, they are step by step and easy to follow.
Tarun J.
Well structured and conducted course to impart the desired information and knowledge for better understanding of financial reports.
Spence H.
Yvonne was a wonderful instructor that offered lots of feedback and real world experience to the class. She was always willing to engage and field questions throughout the seminar.
Brad C.
The information was clear and to the point without a lot of floating off to other stories that did not have anything to do with the topic. Very professional.
Maria G.
Incredibly helpful - mix of training/learning styles made it effective, and the reason for high degree of participant engagement.
Jodi O.
Plenty of useful information to implement into my job
Sue Z.
I very much enjoyed the class. A lot of information in a short amount of time. Will spend time reviewing all the information.
Andres F.
Dr. Reed kept us focused and engaged. He shared his knowledge and provided insights on ours. I was looking forward to the sessions!
Marlon B.
The Instructor was great, very knowledge and her delivery was well received. I can't wait for my next course with AMA. Well pleased!
Laura C.
Stephen S.
Great information and materials. Facilitator and Producer Olivia made for a great learning experience. I enjoyed the group breakouts to share information and ideas. Great Job!
It was a great course. I am going to use a couple of the tools I was taught right away and that is what I was looking for in this course.
Paul R.
Anne did an outstanding job presenting the material, walking us through the exercises, and sharing from personal experience. Her highly focused style kept us on track with the lesson objectives, and her interactions with the participants helped foster an
Serenity C.
Interesting training for women who feel "less rhan" in the workplace. Not as helpful for strong confident women.
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