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Video Training for Masterful Creations

Video training is invaluable for professionals looking to stand out in today's world of competitive video-driven content. From product showcases to e-learning content, the majority of businesses rely on the power of video in some form or another to drive branding and results. Combined with the booming television, music and social media industries, video is more in-demand in ever, and so are the professionals who can deliver it.

Video training covers a wide range of skills, topics and sectors in this sprawling field. Content may cover:

  • content and narrative creation
  • shooting video
  • cinematography
  • production
  • video editing software
  • professional equipment
  • genre-specific techniques
  • embedding video
  • video networks
  • video strategy

Designing, creating and implementing professional videos require a highly diverse skillset. Video training can ensure you have the right foundation of knowledge on which to lead your career in the right direction - and help you excel. 

Professional video editing software

Video editing involves putting together segments and clips of video in order to create one cohesive video clip or scene. In broad terms, the idea to create a singular statement from multiple individual parts. This process is sometimes referred to as "cutting", since in the past video editing was just that - literally cutting recorded tape with a razor blade.

In the digital world, the razorblade has been replaced by a variety of powerful software tools with capabilities that go far beyond simply cutting. Generally referred to as non-linear editing (NLE) software, examples include:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Prelude CS6
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Pinnacle studio

Video training can help you master the features and potential of these dynamic software tools, helping your videos reach new heights, and strengthening your video expertise.

Learn to use the latest in production equipment

Like many industries heavily reliant on technology, video production requires not only the latest equipment but a clear handle on how to get the most out of it's additionally functionalities. Beginners courses for DSLR camera skills, for example, instruct learners in how to:

  • control aperture
  • navigate menus
  • use the light meter
  • set up the camera for video

Video training covers all types and makes of production equipment, helping you master your chosen equipment, and enhancing what you can do with it.

Video Training: Qualifications and Course Formats

A qualification in a particular aspect of video development can help your resume stand out from a competitive crowd. Many professional video training courses offer diplomas, certificates and related qualifications to help demonstrate your competency in the field.

Video training is available in a variety of formats, depending on the course topic and your learning preferences. Classroom training is available for those looking for face-to-face demonstrations and practical guidance, while e-learning video training helps participants learn at their own pace, so they can put their skills into practice as they go.

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