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More About Vermont 

The state of Vermont is located in the northeastern region of the United States, also known as the New England region. Vermont is the 2nd least populated state in the nation and the 6th smallest in terms of land mass. Vermont was originally inhabited by Native American tribes and was later colonized by France.

The name Vermont is derived from these French roots, with the phrase “Vert mont” translating to “Green Mountain”. Vermont was the 14th state to be admitted to the Union in March of 1791, the first state apart from the original Thirteen Colonies. If you are thinking of visiting this historic state, then consider enrolling in professional training in Vermont and gain new skills while traveling. 

The Tourism Industry in Vermont

Tourism is a vital part of the economy of Vermont, bringing in thousands of visitors annually. Tourism supports almost 10% of the total employment in the state, and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues each year. Tourists flock to the state to enjoy ski resorts, historic American towns, and outdoor recreational activities. 

The tourism industry is so prominent that many visitors have purchased residence in the state to use as a secondary, seasonal, or recreational home. Almost 15% of all homes in Vermont are used for this purpose. If you want to get involved in the tourism industry or move up in a current position, then consider training in Vermont. Search through a number of hospitality and tourist courses and start developing your knowledge in this growing industry today. 

The Insurance Industry in Vermont

Captive insurance, a form of self-insurance, is an alternative type of risk management becoming increasingly distinguished and popular. This form of insurance is rapidly gaining traction in Vermont and plays a large role in the economy of the state. With captive insurance, corporations can form their own insurance companies to insure their assets and take on their own risks, greatly reducing the premiums they would pay with regular insurance policies and giving them more autonomy and control over their coverage. Vermont is one of the leading states embracing this alternative form of risk management insurance.

If you are a professional within the insurance or finance industry, Vermont may be the place for you. Learn more about captive insurance companies, rules and regulations through professional development training in Vermont. Explore the courses available in the state of Vermont and choose  the personal or professional development course best suited to your needs.

Training in Vermont

There are many training providers that operate out of Vermont and that offer classroom or in-house courses. Professionals can find courses ranging from communication and leadership development to IT and software courses. No matter what your learning goals are, you can reach them by training in Vermont. Send information requests to contact providers for training quotes and additional information. 

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