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The largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to a multitude of strong industries and powerful businesses operating on a global scale. Find training in Toronto and gain new career skills enjoying all that this cultural hub has to offer
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About Toronto

Toronto is undoubtedly a city of the world. With nearly half of the city’s population born outside of Canada it is no wonder that so much of the business done here also take stretches beyond the country’s borders. Toronto’s motto puts it best; “diversity our strength”. Take advantage of this melting pot of over two million people and find professional development in your field or area of expertise. Browse through the list of training in Toronto above and find a course that will help you in your current or desired field or position. 

Finance in Canada’s Economic Center

Toronto represents one of the largest financial centers in the world. Home to the TSX, Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto boasts a financial district that rivals some of the largest in the world. Finance as an economic driver for the city is often grouped with manufacturing as together these two industries make up the majority of the cities local economy. The difference is that while manufacturing is slowly shrinking and moving to the outskirts, Toronto’s financial district is constantly expanding to meet the ever growing demands.

In truth, demands have rarely been higher and times rarely better for those seeking to begin or advance a career in finance in the city. Major financial service providers based in Toronto are reporting the beginnings of a talent gap as the baby boomer generation ages out of employment. According to a study conducted by Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) in 2007, more than one-third of the workforce in the financial sector at that time will have retired by the year 2020. That means a lot of spaces to fill. Find financial training in Toronto and ensure you are prepared with the right skill set in order to meet this exciting demand.

Training in Toronto

Due to the widespread amount of organizations and businesses that are located in Toronto, training providers offer many different courses to meet the demands of professionals working in various industries. Professionals can find a variety of training topics in human resources, marketing, administration, engineering, business, and more. There are also many providers who offer training in Toronto for a number of soft-skills such as conflict management, presentation skills, writing skills, and other personal development topics. 

Whether your a large business looking to develop your whole office or an individual who needs training for a current or future position, you can find what you are looking for through Toronto based training providers. Many providers offer on-site / company specific courses, which are very beneficial for organizations that want to train multiple employees at one time. Classroom courses are also offered in different locations across Toronto. This method of training is the best option for individuals who are looking to enroll in a course for personal needs. You can search by price, length and start dates to make sure that you find the best possible option. No matter what your needs are, you can start working toward your goals by training in Toronto. 

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