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More About Calgary

Calgary is a powerhouse of the Canadian economy, with many companies choosing Calgary as the location for their headquarters. The thriving economy makes the area a great place to choose from professional training courses with a diverse range of options. With a thriving local arts scene and popular central district, the area is both a great place to work and live. Calgary regularly receives high rankings in polls measuring quality of life, GDP, self-employment, and family friendliness for cities worldwide. Search for training in Calgary, and start developing for the career of your dreams. 

Learn from the best and brightest in Calgary

Across all fields Calgary benefits from motivated work forces and a wealth of talent. With many productive businesses and a healthy economy, there are many training opportunities in Calgary. At the center of Calgary’s success is the strong energy sector, attracting top professionals from around the world to the area. Calgary is not, however, simply an oil town. Local industry is in fact quite diverse, employing professionals in the fields of healthcare, technology, and finance. In addition to being a large hub for global companies, there are many small businesses thriving in Calgary that contribute to the local economy and add to the rich cultural environment. Because of the quality and variation of the economy, Calgary is a top place to pursue professional training courses. Search for training in Calgary and browse between courses in energy, business, healthcare, finance and more. 

Professional Training in the Energy Sector

Hands down the energy capital of Canada, Calgary is home to the headquarters of every major oil and gas company in Canada. In addition to producing the majority of Canada’s crude oil, Calgary also creates 80% of the countries natural gas. Providers in the oil and gas industry offer professional training in Calgary for technical and operations personnel working across the industry, from upstream E&P activities to downstream refining and distribution. Whether searching for regulatory compliance programs, updates on new or complicated technologies, or refreshers on industry best practice, Calgary is a great place to pursue professional training courses in the energy sector.

Professional training in Calgary for other sectors

Despite strong oil and gas industries, there is much more to Calgary than just the energy sector and the professional training courses offered reflect the variety of options available. A significant portion of local employment is focused on technology, finance and professional services either aiding or independent to the energy sector. A diverse range of industries are contributing to Calgary's economic growth and in a thriving city like Calgary, the right skill set can set you apart from the competition. Through the training courses offered, you will be able to grow professionally and take full advantage of the wide range of business opportunities available in Calgary.

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