Top 10 Most Popular Cyber Security Courses for 2023

There's a fast-growing demand for cybersecurity jobs to protect IT infrastructure, devices, networks, and data from attacks. Browse our 2023 Top 10 Courses for Cyber Security.

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In an age riddled with cyber terrorism and data breaches, safeguarding organizations has become paramount. Cybersecurity experts bear the vital responsibility of shielding IT systems, networks, and data from attacks. This urgency has given rise to cybersecurity boot camps, intensive programs addressing the escalating demand for skilled professionals.

With 750,000 cybersecurity job openings in the US and a global shortage of 3.4 million workers, the need is evident. Amid soaring cybercrime (e.g., 61% increase in phishing attacks), the field is on an upward trajectory. Microsoft even aims to train 250,000 cybersecurity pros by 2025.

Given these trends, pursuing cybersecurity expertise and certification has become essential. Our list of Top 10 Most Popular Cyber Security Courses for 2023 serves as a guide. Alternatively, you can  browse 300+ courses in our Cyber Security category.


Cybersecurity Audit

Gold SRD

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, On-site

  Duration: 8-16 hours

  Price: Contact provider for information

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Insight

Attain comprehensive command over your organization's ICT infrastructure. This practice empowers you to assess system effectiveness and safety meticulously, while optimizing security components. Elevate your auditing prowess within specific environments for peak effectiveness with this training from GoldSRD.

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ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) Prep Course


  Delivery: Self-paced Online, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 40 hours

  Price: 350 - 1,250 USD


Ideal for IT pros seeking NIST RMF comprehension. Showcase advanced skills in risk assessment, security posture analysis, and system authorization. Captiva Solutions' course aligns with (ISC)² CAP knowledge, covering practices, policies, and tech for risk assessment and authorization. Prep for CAP exam with hands-on training, NIST RMF expertise, and tailored options.

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SABSA Foundation (F1 & F2) Modules


  Delivery: Online, On-site

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: Contact provider for information

Develop a Solid Grasp of SABSA

Gain SABSA SCF certification with intensive training from SABSA Institute expert, Master SABSA methodology, its real-world applications, and business problem-solving. Explore enterprise security architecture, SABSA model, principles, and more. Elevate your expertise for impactful results.

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Cybersecurity Essentials


  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, On-site

  Duration: 8-40 hours

  Price: Contact provider for information

Validate Your Security Expertise

Showcase your foundational proficiency across diverse Cybersecurity domains. This program from GoldSRD primes individuals for a cybersecurity career. Acquire a holistic understanding of Cybersecurity, its interconnectedness with various IT security realms, and adeptness in recognizing high-risk processes susceptible to cyber threats.

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Cisco Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System v5.2 (ACS)


  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 3 days

  Price: Contact provider for information

Meet Today's New Compliance Demands

Learn secure network resource access through Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS) v5.2. The training from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers will teach you how to interoperate with Cisco IOS Software security features for comprehensive expertise. 

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Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (CCFE) (Online)


  Delivery: Online

  Duration: 40 hours

  Price: Contact provider for information

Explore Cybercrime Investigation

Uncover the intricacies of digital forensics in this comprehensive online course from Corporate College. Delve into tools, techniques, and processes wielded by forensics experts to unearth, preserve, and analyze computer-based evidence. Navigate the complexities of OS analysis, from Windows to Linux. Engage in over 30 real-world simulation labs, employing both commercial and open-source tools for hands-on experience. Elevate your skills over 12 months and gain Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (CCFE) recognition upon completion. 

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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management (BCM)


  Delivery: Online

  Duration: 1 day

  Price: Contact provider for information

Fortify Your Organization's Resilience

Equip your organization with ISO 22301 insights. Understand its principles, aiding in preparation, response, and recovery from disruptions. This training from DQS Academy covers: Business Continuity Management System, Risk Assessment and Management, Business Impact Analysis, and Business Continuity Planning.

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Practical CyberSecurity Boot Camp


  Delivery: Classroom, Virtual Classroom, On-site

  Duration: 4 days

  Price: 2,195 - 19,200 USD

Elevate Effective Security Management

Velocity Knowledge's program equips security experts to transform business requirements into efficient, budget-conscious information security systems. Participants delve into managed security intricacies, mastering the art of translating theory into practice. Learn to: Seamlessly integrate monitoring tools with planned security responses; Take proactive measures to minimize short- and long-term security incident effects; Harness insights from security tech tools (IPS, Firewall, SIEM) for timely response to breaches.

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Cybersecurity Certificate


  Delivery: Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 8 weeks

  Price: 2,495 USD

Address Rising Threats

In response to escalating threats from hackers and cyberterrorists, corporations heighten IT security measures. This certification course from Villanova University covers essential areas like cloud computing, network access, and infrastructure security. The program readies you for the CompTIA Security+ certification and provides insights into cutting-edge techniques. Earn the Certificate through two required courses and one elective.

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Cybersecurity for Human Resources Professionals


  Delivery: Self-paced Online

  Duration: 3 Hours

  Price: 79 US$

Confidently Display Your Tech Expertise

Designed for HR professionals, this program from PME introduces key cybersecurity concepts. Learn to collaborate with tech teams for enhanced employee training and drafting relevant security policies. Engage in crucial strategic discussions around cybersecurity, governance, incident response, and business continuity.

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