Essential Leadership Coaching Guide [Free Ebook]

Download this free ebook from Epiphany Coaches to discover their leadership coaching methodology based on 20 years of experience!

By Cheryl Breukelman, Founder of Epiphany Coaches

Epiphany Coaches is an executive coaching company that helps leaders and their teams around the world reach their best potential and ignite their business growth.

We all know the last year has not been easy for businesses. With the onset of Covid-19, companies have been forced to adapt to an online world and continuously transform to meet the ever-increasing demands of business.

This is why we decided to create our new Essential Leadership Coaching Guide. We have taken our learning and experience from the past 20 years and condensed it into our methodology guide, to showcase how we transform leaders around the world, in detail. 

The guide is meant to help HR Managers see solutions to the most common problems that clients come to us with every week. 

In the guide you can read about: 

  • How HR Professionals are using coaching to adapt to COVID-19 and the economy of the future 
  • What makes a world class coaching program? 
  • What are the top leadership development topics right now? (and how to support them) 
  • The importance of structured frameworks in coaching

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