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Storytelling Essentials [Free White Paper Download]

Mandel is the proven expert in the science of communication in a complex world.

We help organizations around the world discover new ways to help their people to craft more persuasive narratives, present ideas clearly, gain executive presence and lead with confidence.

In this White Paper, we explain the science behind Storytelling, and provide best practices for how anyone can craft great stories.

In today’s business world, storytelling has become a highly desirable skill for organizations – their leaders, sales professionals, managers, team leads, et al.

How do you get people to listen? Not just listen — but also really care about what you are saying, understand it, and invest in it?

Download this White Paper to learn the simple rules for telling great stories:

  • 5 elements every effective story MUST include

  • Why your story hero’s struggle is everything

  • 3 most common types of stories people tell

  • How NOT to tell a personal story

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Last updated: 09 Feb 2021

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