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Customer Negotiation Techniques

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Customer Negotiation Techniques

Learn negotiation techniques that keep the customer happy without giving in to every demand.

Customer retention is top of mind for every business. It costs 7 to 8 times more to acquire a customer than to keep one. In our social mediacrazed world, it takes only one video and less than 20 seconds to lose a client and quickly increase an organizations marketing cost. We have to understand that without good customers and good customer experiences, we all would not have jobs and products and services to sell. You see, if we treat them right, they continually return to acquire more things. But that doesnt mean that we need to give in to every demand or give in to unreasonable demands. There are some rules and myths about customer negotiation that include negotiation is about winning and losing, negotiation is about always getting the customer to say yes, and negotiation is about price and is sales related.

This course will assist you and your team to gain the proper tools to meet consumer demands effectively, lower customer service costs, and meet almost every need of the client to keep them longer.

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Who should attend?

This live webinar is designed for customer service managers and representatives, account managers, credit and billing representatives, receptionists, and technical and support representatives.

Training content

Negotiation Is Nothing More Than an Exchange of Ideas and Values Between Two or More Parties With Different Interests

  • It Is Necessary to Help Dispel Some Myths so That You Understand What Negotiation Is and Isn't
  • Learn the Value of Negotiation so That You Get What You Want
  • Create the Strategies Needed so That You Do Not Become Defensive and Turn Others Away

When It Comes to Negotiations, Sometimes Being Prepared Is All That Is Required

  • Learn How to Create Resources That Aid in Negotiations
  • Negotiation Requires Having a Process so That You Can Have a Beginning, Middle, and End, Not an Argument
  • Develop Proper Skills so That You Do Not Ruin Your Credibility

Methods to Help You Understand Your Opponent

  • Learn the Value of Observed Behavior and Body Language to Reposition Your Techniques
  • They Say Timing Is Everything, Learn How to Establish the Right Time to Speak and the Right Time to Listen
  • Create a Win-Win or at Least the Idea That You Won

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