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Find professional training and development Midland, TX. One of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Midland, TX also has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Ensure that you can take full advantage of the opportunities available by starting professional training in Midland, TX
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About Midland, Texas

Founded in 1881, Midland is a city located in the western region of Texas between the cities of Fort Worth and El Paso, which led to its “midland” name. The city gained nationwide attention for being the hometown of former first Lady Laura Bush, and the onetime residence of her family and husband, former President George W. Bush. The city’s motto is “Feel the Energy”, which reflects the city’s prowess in the energy and oil and gas industries. Midland has a very low cost of living with a high quality of life. The availability of jobs combined with the opportunity to participate in training in Midland, Texas makes it a great place to develop and pursue a career. 

Oil and Gas in Midland

Historically, Midland was known as a railroad town with a heavy focus on ranching. However, Midland, like many cities in the state of Texas, was forever changed by the discovery of oil. The city quickly assumed the role of the administrative center for all oil fields in the western region of Texas, and this involvement heavily improved their population and economy. The city witnessed several “oil booms”, first with the discovery of oil, next with the discovery of the Spraberry oil field, and finally with the high oil prices of the 1970's Energy Crisis.

These oil booms have led to an enormous growth in the city of Midland, and account for much of its population. As oil and gas is still such a prominent industry in the Midland area, there are many prospects for aspiring professionals in this sector. Whether you are new to the industry or quite experienced, all professionals can benefit from training in Midland, Texas and enhancing their personal and professional skills. Search the training courses in the Midland area and find a course that will prepare you for a career in administration, leadership and management, or variety of other positions within the gas and oil industry. 

Training in Midland, Texas

The economy of Midland still heavily relies on the production of oil and gas, but has become more diversified throughout the years. In addition to the oil and gas industry, Midland has established itself in the industries of aerospace and aviation, healthcare, business and industry, agriculture, and retail. Midland is hailed for its job production, and currently holds the title of lowest unemployment rate in the United States at a mere 2.3%. This is a great boost for its economy and a great incentive for others to move to Midland and find work. Some of the top employers in the city are in the education, healthcare, telecommunications, and energy industries.

There are a variety of providers who offer training in Midland, Texas for those looking to learn new skills and advance in their career. If you would like to find professional training in Midland, Texas in any of these industries, browse the training courses listed above. From oil and gas training to business and leadership training, find it all in the Midland area and enhance your skills and your career.