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Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, is the most populous city in the state and is mainly known for its finance industry. Search for training in Des Moines, IA from the list below and develop new skills in this thriving city!
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More About Training in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines is popularly known for its abundant financial resources and the diverse financial sectors of several multinational corporations that operate in the city. The diverse cultural background of Des Moines has made it a paradise for arts and humanities professionals looking for a peaceful and culturally rich area. The city proudly boasts the highest number of insurance companies in the country and headquarters some of the largest multinational corporations of the world. Of the biggest insurance companies operating here, Principal Financial Group, EMC Insurance Group, Fidelity & Guaranty Life, Allied Insurance, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa and American Republic Insurance Company are the predominant players. Some of the other booming professional sectors here are marketing, IT, business consulting and engineering. The universities and other educational institutes in Des Moines are consistently ranked as one of the best educational institutes for business education.

Opportunities for Training in Des Moines, IA

Since finance and accounting are the predominant sectors, many universities in the state provide courses in different areas of concentration within finance as their flagship programs. Some of the major courses in finance offered are:

  •        Quantitative and computational finance
  •        Accounting
  •        Managerial finance
  •        Corporate finance
  •        Insurance
  •        Investments
  •        Securities

Finance career options in this city are varied and professionals with significant experience will find plenty of opportunities as financial advisers, business consultants, accountants, bankers and insurance agents.

Engineering and IT are two flourishing sectors due to the growing applications of IT in the industrial and business sector. Some of the major concentrations in engineering are:

  •        Mechanical
  •        Computer and Software
  •        Electrical and Electronics
  •        Telecommunications
  •        Chemical

Since many multinational corporations have their factories located in Des Moines, a lot of professionals will find employment opportunities as engineers and technical specialists.

In addition, arts and culture are highly regarded professions in Des Moines and many universities offer educational opportunities to passionate professionals. Advertising and marketing are two areas where many training students pursue professional opportunities. Courses offered in Des Moines allow for participants to gain and improve upon skills that will give them a leg up in their career path.

Format for Training in Des Moines, IA

The courses are provided in the form of short-term and long-term professional degrees at universities in traditional format. These courses are instructed by some of the best academic professionals and industry experts in the country. Several training providers offer in-house training to organizations that hope to train a large number of employees and tailor course material to their needs. Some providers even offer online courses that allow increased flexibility in terms of reduced tuition, ability to revisit course materials, and the ability to take training at the participant’s own convenience.

Benefits for Training in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines is the place for career advancement and professional opportunities due to the great corporations and sectors operating within the city. Professionals looking to advance their careers in business or other technical fields will find many opportunities for growth and will benefit from the array of training courses offered for professional development.

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