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Business and San Francisco

San Francisco is perfectly sandwiched between Tokyo and London in addition to Seattle and San Diego. The city is bustling with businesses due to its ports and role as the home of Silicon Valley. San Francisco is also home to over 30 financial institutions, five of which are headquarters to major banking institutions and world famous companies.

The economy of San Francisco is mostly service-oriented with approximately 25% of workers employed in professional business services; 16% in government services; 15% in leisure and hospitality; 11% in education and health care; and 9% in financial activities. Employment growth in  can be seen especially in the case of technology, financial services and tourism. With all of these businesses and employees, it is not difficult to see why HR training  in San Francisco is so prevalent. 

HR Training in San Francisco

The duties of those who work in HR include hiring, shedding, developing and motivating the workforce to work towards achieving the business’ set strategies. An individual trained in HR can work in any kind of firm as their job description is the same regardless of business type. A well trained HR department is essential for all businesses, especially the large ones.

One of the perhaps most important functions of an HR professional is facilitating professional development and training for company employees. By developing these skills, HR professionals will increase their effectivness in the workplace as well as their career prospects within the industry.

HR training in San Francisco is available on a wide range of topics. The thing that they have in common is that they will allow professionals in this role pick up skills that will make them better at their job. Some common course topics offered in the city are:

  • Preventing Harassment and Hostile Work Environments
  • Facilitation
  • Learning Design
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Introduction to Human Resources

Training Formats

The types of HR training in San Francisco are as varied in format as they are in topic. If there are several individuals in a workplace who need training, the company can hire on site training that is specifically formatted to meet the needs of their employees.

There are also many scheduled training courses available in San Francisco. These courses will generally be one day to a week in length and take place in various locations around the city and surrounding area. Request information to find out where the course will be offered.

Why Should HR Professionals train in San Francisco?

Because of the amount of large organizations headquartered in San Francisco, the city offers many opportunities for HR professionals. Because work in human resources is focused on dealing with the employees of the company rather than the work that the company is doing, they are able to work for any company regardless of industry.