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With the help of a DISC assessment managers and leaders in your organization can grow their skills in communication, delegation, and motivation. Search below for DISC assessment training courses and certifications to get started!
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Displaying 1-20 of 92 results

What type of DiSC assessment training courses will you find here?

DiSC is an assessment tool that helps to improve communication, teamwork, and productivity in workplaces. Companies of all sizes around the world use DiSC to help their employees strengthen working relationships. Essentially, the assessment provides a common language that  helps people understand themselves and others better.

You will find two main types of courses below - those that teach you how to be a DiSC facilitator so that you can deliver this assessment as well as courses that include DiSC assessment as part of their training. Learn more about each below.

DiSC Facilitator Certification Training

Certified DiSC facilitators have the knowledge to lead effective DiSC sessions that help employees at the workplaces get maximum value out of their training. Whether you are currently facilitating DiSC assessments, or would like to in the future, DiSC facilitator training will ensure can do so at the highest level.

You can either take DiSC facilitator training online or in a classroom as an individual - or your company can schedule a trainer to come on-site so that everyone in your team can take the course and get certified.

DiSC Assessment Training for Leaders and Managers

When leaders and managers benefit massively from understanding their own communication preferences and behaviors as well as those of their team members. Many leadership and management training courses include a DiSC assessment for this reason.

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