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Within each of us, there is a key to unlocking our potential. A means of overcoming the negative thinking and self-doubts that hold us back. Once unlocked, our perspective on ourselves and the world of opportunities around us, fundamentally shifts. Suddenly things that previously seemed impossible, no longer seem as daunting. The prospect of change doesn’t seem as threatening. Goals don’t seem as overwhelming. Those skills and abilities we saw in others, no longer seem out of reach for us. This is what increasing Motivational Intelligence (MQ) does for a person.

For over 30 years, 2logical has helped organizations across industry and in more than 90 countries integrate Motivational Intelligence (MQ) into leadership, sales, service, and personal development training. More than 40% of the world’s largest corporations have retained us and our unique, award-winning and highly effective approach. 

Motivational Intelligence (MQ) is the DNA of a growth mindset. It is the most recently discovered form of human intelligence AND is most closely tied to our success in life. Emerging research in the fields of cognitive psychology and neurobiology have shown us not only how our Motivational Intelligence works, but also how to increase it. These insights are so impactful, that they have won a Nobel prize and been called one of the top scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

The key differentiating factor between people who succeed and those who struggle or ultimately fail is their Motivational Intelligence (MQ). It is the third and most influential level of human intelligence. Having a high IQ and EQ in no way guarantees a person’s success, having a high MQ does. MQ is the common thread in every great human endeavor, every triumph, every significant obstacle overcome.

If you are looking to solve a unique people challenge, turnaround a dysfunctional culture, merge two organizational cultures together, or take a high performing organization to the next level. 2logical has the experience and specialized knowledge to help. 2logical is a full-service, custom and SHRM certified training provider.

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Why choose 2logical?

97% participant buy-in, retention and implementation rate

Our clients include more than 40% of the world’s largest corporations

We work across every industry vertical in more than 90 countries and on 6 continents


2logical is the world's leading provider of motivational intelligence training solutions. Motivational intelligence is the DNA of a growth mindset. It is differentiates peak performers from those who struggle. It is the common denominator of every winning team culture. It is what organizations need to look for in new recruits and develop in existing employees if they want to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

2logical offers development solutions that focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service / Support
  • Culture
  • Shifting Organizational Strategy


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Accredited Training Provider


Accredited Training Provider


Top 20 Global Leadership Development Company

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Kimberly B. SalonCentric
Thank you so much for reaching out and also for our amazing leadership training last week. It was a life changing experience both personally and professionally.  I know you had asked us for a Golden Nugget and there are just so many! However,  one of my favorites is the concept of  ultimate responsibility. I think you were spot on when you said ...
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Ian O. Oceania Cruises
We have all taken something away from our time together at the sales leadership training. I would say that aside from personal reflection, which there has been a great deal of, I have been so impressed with my leadership team at how they have really taken the thoughts and beliefs to heart and have approached our strategy since as such. On a more...
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Sherron M. AXA
I will have a more positive attitude and be more open-minded after this class. It proved my thoughts and beliefs are important. I'll continue to develop them so I can better handle negative customers.
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