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Brad B. | Baker Hughes
I know you hear this all the time, but I still have to tell you…the day we spent with you was by-far one of the most beneficial days of my career.
Samantha H. | GE
Going into last week, I was not really sure what to expect, but I can tell you I didn’t think I would be provided with so many lessons to better myself as a leader inside and outside of the workplace. Yet that is exactly what happened.
James K. | CGI
This seminar literally made me a better leader the second I left that day. I had so many ideas that I wanted to share with my team and that we ended up implementing.
David B.
There was so much great material we covered, I just wish It could have been more sessions! My greatest takeaway is that when I am given a situation that is not ideal, to look at it and use it to grow. Also, that I am going to fail at things and it will allow me to learn and be better moving forward. I am looking forward to taking more courses! ...
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Eddie K.
Amy V.
This course is well worth your time! Re-read your notes, complete the work book, self-reflect, make goals and do what necessary to become your best self. Thank you for a wonderful class, David! I hope to be in future sessions.
Sunilda B.
I normally don’t take the time to write these types of e-mails. After our training I have been empowered to do a lot of things I would normally not do. I wanted to share with you the incredible impact the Self-Leadership training has had on all aspects of my life. Your stories and the training truly changed the way I see life. The day of the t...
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Steve V.
Joe B.
I loved learning how to empower myself. Recognizing that low self esteem is not finite and can be improved + the habits of self reflection. David's energy was great! I truly enjoyed the examples, stories, and antics. I thought the class was educational, yet entertaining. Thank you!
Steve V.
The time was very well spent and I am glad to have had the opportunity to participate. I would also add that David Naylor did a fantastic job delivering the material while also keeping me engaged. The latter is not always easy when facilitating a virtual workshop but David succeeded!
Donna R.
It's a wonderful, well-paced learning experience and opportunity to remember, re-learn, reflect and re-imagine one's own managerial and leadership journey. In addition, it offers simple (not necessarily easy!) and specific insights, tools and challenges to nudge and influence others on their journey. Time well spent and fun!
John T.
Redirect, refocus, re-energize your mind and team! TAKE THIS COURSE! David is smooth throughout. You can tell he loves what he does. Great job 2logical!
Mike M.
This course was excellent and well worth your time. I enjoyed learning about affirmations and how they can positively or negatively effect us. I recommend going into the course with an open mindset and think about your internal conflicts and how they might be directing you to the results you are looking to change.
Emily T.
This course is great for everyone who is new to self leadership to those who have taken other courses in the past. It gives deep insight and excellent reminders on how your brain works and how you can control your mindset to lead yourself down the path you want in life. Great job - keep it up!
Toni M.
Take this course as early in your career path as you can. I would have loved being able to practice these tools earlier in my career.
Sarah M.
Honestly, I think that this should be apart of ongoing training for senior leadership at Woodland Foods. Just the opportunity to continue to build upon the foundation and really focus in on the pieces that have the biggest impact on our teams! Continued education more or less
Barb F.
If you are wondering if you should take this coure, just do it! The benefits linger a long time and apply to your full life - for a “complete game”! The timing was perfect for me to look at self dealership personally versus through the eyes of a company. Thank you for the opportunity!
David B.
I just wish It could have been more sessions. There was so much great material we covered. My greatest takeaway is that when I am given a situation that is not ideal, to look at it and use it to grow. Also, that I am going to fail at things and it will allow me to learn and be better moving forward. I am looking forward to taking more courses! D...
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John S.
David's presentation of the information was excellent and the level of mastermind sharing was perfect!
Teresa C.
Very helpful, valuable resources and strong application to use with my teams.
Todd D.
Just wanted to let you know I’ve been getting great feedback from my 6 DM leaders since your training. Unlike prior trainings, my team seems to be internalizing the information and implementing pieces of it daily. We are all stretching and growing as a result. In prior trainings, we’ve all tended to leave the lessons in the classroom or at ou...
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Lesley L.
I hope you’re well. On behalf of the Davol team, I would like to again thank you for leading the Self Leadership session with our group last week. It was truly an amazing learning experience and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Numerous participants have said that they benefited both personally and professionally from the training....
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Gina C.
Thank you again for this! I truly enjoyed your presentation. I have since used many of these reminders in my day to day interaction with my team. Just this week, I had a big contract meeting with my ATM, where we held a great debrief meeting to follow. It was very impactful and followed your outline below. She was coached well, learned key point...
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Stephen L.
Prior to your Self-Leadership class, I found myself limiting my potential to be successful by having the mindset that I was not capable of performing successfully. Furthermore, I blamed others for my lack of confidence and my overall negative mindset based on a single event... my first day of work for ImageNet Consulting, which was training 1,2...
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