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Located north of Los Angeles in the California Central Valley, Bakersfield has a highly diverse economy creating many opportunities for a career advancement. Search professional training in Bakersfield below and get started!
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More About Bakersfield, CA

One of the most business friendly cities in California, many companies have begun to relocate to Bakersfield in recent years. This is in a large part due to the fact that Bakersfield has the lowest sales tax in California and excellent geographical positioning between Los Angeles and Fresno. Due to the possibility to purchase inexpensive land and partly because of the proximity to major national roadways that create ease of access to the rest of the country, a number of major agricultural and industrial shipping companies call the Bakersfield and larger Kern County area home.

Energy in Bakersfield and the Central Valley

The San Joaquin Valley, stretching across much of the California Central Valley, is among the most important oil fields in the US in terms of domestic both crude oil and general production. Kern County has been of special interest in recent years, due to the additional discovery of several small oil fields. While the valley stretches broadly south from Sacramento, Bakersfield and Kern County are without a doubt the center of the Oil and Gas industry in California. Many major production facilities are located here, as well as several companies responsible for petroleum refining and distribution.

Oil and Gas Training in Bakersfield, CA

Oil and Gas training in Bakersfield, CA covers the range of industry sectors, guiding learners through technical and operation skills for the exploration and production, midstream and downstream sectors. A large amount of training in Bakersfield focuses on new technologies geared towards unconventional oil and gas production. As the nation moves further and further towards domestic oil and gas production and sources for conventional production are stretched thinner and thinner these new technologies and the people skilled in their use will become more and more important. Consider training in Bakersfield, CA on a range of unconventional subjects, including:

  • Heavy oil
  • Oil sands
  • Waterflooding
  • Sand control

A Crucially Important Agricultural Center

Bakersfield is also located in one of the most prodigious agricultural goods producing regions in the US. The Central Valley is the number one producer of a wide variety of agricultural products, including several kinds of nuts, raisins, and citrus. Many companies here are in one way or another involved in direct or indirect agricultural services. Training in Bakersfield, CA includes subjects such as supply chain management, transportation, office administration, and logistics. Each of these topics can play an important business role in the agricultural industry. Search for training to enhance your agricultural business in Bakersfield.

Working for the State of California in Bakersfield

Alongside the agricultural and petroleum industries in Bakersfield, many companies and services exist in support of the area's state run facilities. Most notably, and primarily as a result of the area's geographical isolation, is the collection of correctional facilities located around Bakersfield. With over seven facilities in the area, Bakersfield is the ideal place for professionals seeking experience in the field of criminal justice. Search for law and legal or criminal justice training in Bakersfield, CA to break into this field.

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