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Resilience training

Resilience training is designed to teach “bounce back” skills and strategic risk-taking to professionals wishing to thrive in the workplace.  In order to gain more comfort with challenges and leverage leadership skills to your own advantage, resilience training will lead you through techniques to manage uncertainty, conflict and adapt to any situation.

What skills will you get? 

Resilience training gives an in-depth understanding of what resilience means and practical techniques for implementing it in your organization, team, and personal interactions. 

You will learn:

  • The characteristics of resilient leaders
  • Strategies for becoming more adaptable and overcoming challenges in the workplace.
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback. 
  • How to carry out conflict with tools to stand your ground while appearing open and positive.
  • To speak up and resolve conflict constructively. 
  • Handling negative emotions, using empathy to understand others in order to collaborate better and lead others.
  • Leveraging empathy to understand others and gaining more powerful commitment

Who can benefit from resilience training? 

  • Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individuals in jobs with a high level of stress
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