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From Chaos to Control: How to be Resilient to Workplace Stress

AMA - American Management Association
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199 USD
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AMA - American Management Association

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From Chaos to Control: How to be Resilient to Workplace Stress

It’s not the actual work you do for your job that is stressful.

What is usually most stressful is the bombardment of pressures that are unavoidable and beyond your control, such as excessive workload, a difficult boss or colleague, repeated adaptation to restructuring, budget cuts, and so forth.

Some people are finding it harder than ever to deal with the challenges at work, while others are sailing through with ease. The #1 factor that determines how well you perform under stress is your ability to cope with the stress—not specific job conditions or the amount of pressure you face.

You experience stress to the degree that the challenges you face seem out of your control.

Resilience refers to your ability to handle and rise above the multiple stresses in the workplace, by controlling what you CAN control. With the right toolkit, you can develop resilience quickly.

How can you manage yourself so you can stay focused, confident, and calm despite these everyday stresses? How can you manage yourself to affect positively those around you and protect yourself from the negative impact of others' stress? How can you take control of politics or workload issues to lessen the friction and overwhelming pressure?

Attend this webinar to discover tools to combat the pressure cooker!

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The bottom line is that your ability to manage stress can make the difference between your success or failure at work.

In this webinar you’ll learn the effects of stress on your brain, body, and behavior, as well as a repertoire of techniques to maintain core strength under stress. You’ll walk away with specific strategies to prevent some of the sources of stress, as well as strategies you can use to:

  1. Take control of political situations that cause worry about how you are perceived
  2. Keep your internal mental messaging motivated, positive, and creative and bypass fear and negativity
  3. Insulate yourself and your team from workload excesses and shifting priorities
  4. Energize yourself when worn down and achieve calm when overwhelmed
  5. Remain poised and don't respond emotionally—to turn politics in your favor
  6. Reverse or greatly diminish physical symptoms related to stress
  7. Sleep well through the night and get back to sleep soon if you awaken


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  • Non Members: $199.00
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  • GSA: $199.00

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of stress and identify personal stressors
  • Develop effective techniques for coping with stress and other anxieties
  • Learn behavioral strategies that improve wellness and resilience

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AMA - American Management Association

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