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Business intelligence allows you to make better decisions. Browse business intelligence training from various suppliers below. You'll learn to analyze information, and use data to make calculated business decisions faster.
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What is Business Intelligence Training?

These days, being a business leader is about navigating the fine line between investing more in data analytics than gut feelings when making business decisions and yet being able to trust your emotional instincts and respond to subtle nuances in human behavior. A smart combination of Business Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence have never been more of a winning formula for success!

Business Intelligence was first coined in 1989 by Howard Dresner, as a phrase to describe applying data analysis techniques to support business decision-making processes. If you want to enhance your business, optimize your decision-making and gain advantage over your competitors, Business Intelligence Training is perfect for you.

High Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important factors for successful leadership in today’s society. Foster trust from others, turn conflict into collaboration and enhance your communication skills to quickly stand out from the crowd and elevate yourself to the top!

Training Courses

Business Intelligence Training

On a Business Intelligence training course you will learn how to transform data into meaningful business intelligence, and understand the relationships between business process performance, integration and business performance metrics. Making better decisions using machine learning and statistical modelling will be a key part of your training.

Some topics you might study include:

  • Data Exploration
  • Probability
  • Inferential Methods
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Predictive Analytics and Models

There are also courses that focus specifically on using Business Intelligence tools, such as SharePoint. On courses such as these you might typically study:

  • Introduction to SharePoint Server as a BI Platform
  • Planning Security for a SharePoint Server BI Solution
  • Planning Reporting Services Configuration
  • Planning PowerPivot Configuration
  • Planning for PerformancePoint Services

Business Intelligence training courses are intended mostly for business intelligence professionals who are familiar with data warehouses and enterprise BI solutions, as well as data analysts and business intelligence analysts. However, courses differ so check prerequisites carefully before applying.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Regardless of your industry, leveraging emotional intelligence to read and respond to personal cues more effectively and build stronger workplace relationships is incredibly important.  On an Emotional Intelligence training course, you can empower yourself with greater leadership skills and influence, to really stand out and succeed.

On a typical course, you might study how to:

  • Understand and identify emotional-based responses
  • Perceive your own and others’ emotions
  • Gain the respect and trust of others
  • Improve self-control and response
  • Empower better decision-making

Everyone can benefit from Emotional Intelligence training! Whether you are an aspiring leader or executive, you will definitely be one step ahead of the rest by completing one of these courses.  Learn how to impact and influence others with sensitivity, insight and awareness!

Formats of Training

Classroom learning

If you enjoy live, face-to face learning and benefit from group discussions, classroom learning is just for you. With both Business Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence courses lasting between one to five days, you can find the perfect course to suit your time, needs and price!  

Online learning

There are plenty of online courses for busy professionals who want to fit their learning around their current commitments. Whether you are looking for a course that takes a few hours or a few days, we have a great range for you here at!

On-site / Company specific

If you want to train a group of employees, search for our on-site option to have a professional trainer visit your company. It’s the perfect way to develop your company! Inquire further for a quote as prices vary.

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