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Foundation in Emotional Intelligence (Corporate)

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Course description

Emotional intelligence is an aspect of you as a whole person affecting your work life and your personal life.

Your emotional intelligence is your ability to combine your thinking with your feelings in order to build good quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions. It is managing who you are in the moment to meet your emotional needs through conscious choice and is fundamental to leading a full, rich and rewarding life.

Emotional intelligence is different from IQ - cognitive intelligence, and offers a different perspective on success and performance at work. There are many parts to emotional intelligence - it predicts effectiveness and can be changed and developed.

Research suggests that emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence (IQ) are unconnected: you can have a high level of emotional intelligence but a low level of cognitive intelligence, and vice versa.

This Foundation in Emotional Intelligence online course provides learners with the fundamental skills needed to increase their emotional intelligence as both a manager and leader.

This course will provide you with the management skills which enables you to navigate your role in the workplace and  equip you with the essential leadership fundamentals required to manage and support team dynamics.

The course includes comprehensive modules exploring how to increase emotional intelligence and apply this knowledge to your work to improve communication and collaboration between colleagues, and to build better relationships within the team.  You will gain a better understanding of the leadership fundamentals and how to implement these into your working practice for optimum performance

The Ffoundation in Emotional Intelligence online course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to develop emotional intelligence by applying the management skills and leadership fundamentals necessary to improve communication, build effective teams, foster happier, more productive work environments. 

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Who should attend?

Who This Course is For

Not everyone has the time to take an academic qualification in Emotional Intelligence, but you can gain a recognized award from The Institute of Leadership and Management.

The Foundation in Emotional Intelligence course is approved by The Institute of Leadership and Management.

The Foundation in Emotional Intelligence course is for anyone who is interested in an introductory course in emotional intelligence with certification from a globally recognized awarding body.

The course gives an overview for developing an understanding of emotional intelligence to improve performance.

This course is for anyone wanting to find out how emotional intelligence influences performance, builds relationships and supports good quality decisions based on emotions.

  • Anyone who is keen to improve their emotional intelligence to excel at work and enhance their career.
  • Anyone with responsibilities for a specialist function influencing and building relationships with key stakeholders involved in supporting people and organizations to meet their goals.
  • Anyone who works within a team and wants to build relationships with others.
  • Anyone who wants to get a recognized certificate from the Institute of Leadership and Management.


You will need an open mind and a willingness to learn.

  • An interest in applying their intelligence to their emotion.
  • An interest in learning more about emotional intelligence at work.
  • A willingness to complete the practical activities to grow and develop their emotional intelligence skills.

Training content

  • Foundation in Emotional Intelligence
  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Emotions
  • What can be Practically Applied from Understanding Emotional Intelligence Models
  • Emotional Intelligence Framework Quiz
  • Practical Activity: Assess your Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Lightbulb Moments Resource Cards
  • Practical Activity: The Emotionally Unintelligent Leader
  • Reference Material

Course delivery details

The Foundation in Emotional Intelligence online course is delivered using our online learning platform that gives you the flexibility to study when and where you wish. You have access to a range of learning materials on the learning platform that include online video tutorials, interactive quizzes, practical activities and some fun material - including series of complimentary crib cards.

You have the chance to discuss and debate your findings around your emotional intelligence in group discussions with others studying the same programme as you.

The Foundation in Emotional Intelligence course contains full course notes and several practical activities to implement immediately and apply your learning.

The practical activities are designed to help you investigate how you view your emotional intelligence and the impact that this has on others.

The activities involve some engagement and interaction with other people and some reflection. They will help to guide you on what and how you need to change.

Certification / Credits

What You Will Learn

This course explores little known ways that emotional intelligence can be used in the workplace by investigating what it is and what it is not. It covers the main models of emotional intelligence and what they mean but more importantly how they can be practically applied at work.

The course resolves any confusion you may have around some of the terminology used in various emotional intelligence courses, such as what is the difference between EI and EQ? You'll get to understand why EI is a broader term that covers emotional intelligence in much more depth.

People often talk about positive and negative emotions. This is not that helpful as emotions cannot really be labelled in that way.

The course investigates the advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence, ways it can be improved and some do's and don'ts of working with emotional intelligence. It will test your emotional intelligence!

  • Recognize the importance of understanding the emotions that you experience.
  • Examine how to practice and learn how to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Discover how to improve your relationships and performance by gaining insights into the emotions of other people.
  • Identify why you react to situations with a particular focus on how your feelings and emotions impact upon your performance.
  • State what actions you can take to work with emotional intelligence.
  • Describe simple solutions for improving emotional intelligence.

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