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Frequently asked questions

  • Assertiveness training is a type of personal development program that helps individuals learn how to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs in a clear and confident manner while respecting the rights of others. It can involve learning specific techniques and strategies to become more assertive in various situations.

  • An assertiveness course can benefit your career by improving your communication skills, your ability to negotiate effectively, your confidence and self-esteem, and your overall leadership abilities. Being able to communicate assertively can help you build better relationships with colleagues, clients, and supervisors, which can lead to more opportunities for career advancement.

  • Assertiveness training courses often include role-playing exercises, group discussions, and individual coaching sessions to practice assertiveness techniques. You may also learn about the underlying causes of non-assertive behavior and how to overcome them. The course may cover topics such as identifying your own communication style, setting boundaries, saying no, and handling criticism.

  • Common techniques taught in assertiveness training courses include using "I" statements to express feelings and opinions, active listening, assertive body language, setting boundaries, and using assertive language to express needs and preferences. Other techniques may include problem-solving skills, conflict resolution strategies, and assertive negotiation tactics.

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