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Course participant reviews for SoftEd

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Jesreez C.
A. McGregor
Very informative and provides you with the basic info you need to know to get started with agile.
J. Webster
Great content and facilitator, would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about agile.
T. Bell
What a super intense, mind-blowing course with so much to think about and so many places to go!
N. Seddon
Challenging, thought-provoking, immediately useful.
N. Watson
Loved it! The pace is fast so hang on to your seat! This is the beginning of a whole new way of learning and creating value for me. I'm excited!
S. Floera
A course that will continue to challenge your thoughts and push you out of your comfort zone.
S. Sendall
Excellent course! I highly recommend it for anyone interested in understanding an Agile mindset and deep dive on customer value.
C. Quil
Great course and instructor. Really enjoyed the two days and I leave feeling prepared to "sprint".
L. Perrin
A really enjoyable course that helped to clarify what my role is in an Agile project as a BA.
P. Ketro
An enjoyable, thought-provoking and useful course with plentiful resources provided for more in-depth consideration.
B. Scorgie
This course is essential for any BA who is entering the agile project world for the first time.
B. May
The instructor brings great real-world experience and advice to the course to illustrate the concepts. He was really engaging and involved us consistently. Awesome!
L. Morton
The instructor was great with industry and real-life experience which he was able to relate to our experiences and projects.
S. Day
Great insight into essential tools needed that can be used in agile environments, across any project.
R. Machado
This was an excellent course and I am taking back valuable knowledge to improve our team's output quality and productivity.
S. Dawoodi
Enjoyed the course, loved the hands-on nature of it. Learned new concepts which I will try to apply.
S. Carton
A good, broad introduction to agile programming techniques with good emphasis on TDD, BDD, and ATDD.
S. Gendle
Very good course overall, the presenter was engaging, informative and well-prepared.
J. Carrington
A fantastic introduction to testing and the role in making testing more efficient.
K. Samarasekara
Good introduction to how to apply automation effectively and efficiently in an agile project.
C. Derbyshire
Good course for opening one's eyes about the cultural shift required to move to agile testing.
K. Cherukuri
Course was really really helpful in understanding agile practices and implementation of practices.
S. Hooper
Presenters skills are very good. Perfect level of theory vs brevity. Kept the two days entertaining while imparting information.
C. Tilling
Great course - has opened my mind to new concepts and ideas.


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