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Vancouver, a seaport city in Canada, is consistently included in the rankings for the most livable cities in the world. Professional training in Vancouver is readily available with a number of courses and certifications to choose from below!
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More About Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most developed cities in Canada in terms of healthcare, education, commerce, business and standard of living. It proudly boasts being one of the largest industrial centers in the economy of Canada. A number of forestry and mining industries also have their headquarters in Vancouver. Some of the most prolific sectors in the economy are IT, software development, biotechnology, aerospace and media. Vancouver is rich in scenic beauty making the city a popular tourist destination. Education is highly acclaimed in the city and some universities there are included in the world university rankings. Many short term diplomas and certifications are available for professionals looking for training in Vancouver.

Training in Vancouver

Vancouver has many training providers and institutes that specialize in short term professional courses. IT and computer engineering training courses are common Vancouver since the technological sector is advanced in the region. Some of the options for IT and technical training in Vancouver include information systems, software development, JAVA, C++, and CAD design courses. Professionals with these qualifications will find employment across sectors including manufacturing, engineering, IT, software, and architecture.

With the high number of tourists visiting the city, many training suppliers offer courses in hospitality and tourism management. Courses in business and customer service may also be helpful for those working in the hospitality industry.

One of the largest commercial and busy industrial sectors in the country, Vancouver has some solid employment and development networks to assist those working in the business and finance sectors. Some available  business related training in Vancouver includes finance, information systems, marketing, management and business policy. Vancouver is home to many multinational corporations and banks which extend employment opportunities to professionals who are up to date in their training.

Formats of Training in Vancouver

Training in Vancouver is available both in traditional classroom settings and in-house or onsite. Classroom courses are scheduled ahead of time and usually open to anyone interested in the subject. This course format is great for any individual looking for professional development and are available in a wide range of subjects. In-house training involves the trainer coming to your organization to deliver the course to multiple employees. This option is preferred my companies who need to train a number of people on the same subject. All on-site training providers listed above will travel to Vancouver to deliver their training.

Benefits for Professionals

Vancouver is rich in professional development opportunities and provides immense networking opportunities to professionals. If taking a step further in career is next on the agenda then Vancouver is a great place to get started!

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