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Protective Relay Maintenance, Testing and Calibration

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Course description

The "Protective Relay Maintenance, Testing, and Calibration" course provides a comprehensive exploration into the essential aspects of protective relay systems within electrical power systems. Over five days, with 80% hands-on training, this course equips protection and control technicians with the practical skills required to maintain, test, and calibrate protective relays effectively. Tailored to the specifics of your electrical system, the course ensures a high level of applicability and immediate value to your operational needs.

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Who should attend?

Who Should Attend:

  • Protection and Control Technicians
  • Electrical Engineers involved in power system protection
  • Maintenance Personnel responsible for electrical system reliability
  • Managers overseeing power generation, transmission, or distribution
  • Any professional seeking to understand protective relay systems in-depth

Enrollment Information:

This course is critical for professionals tasked with ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical power systems through effective protective relay maintenance. Attendees will leave with a robust set of skills directly applicable to their daily roles, contributing significantly to their organization's operational effectiveness.

Training content

Course Highlights:

  • In-Depth System Protection Requirements Analysis: Understanding the criticality of protective relay accuracy through Electrical Code and NERC requirements.
  • Detailed Exploration of Client Protection Systems: A thorough examination of your specific electrical system's protective schemes, including generator, transformer, feeder, bus, and motor protection.
  • Protective Device Coordination: Mastery of device coordination to ensure system reliability and safety.
  • Hands-On Calculations and Testing: Engage in real-world fault calculations and instrument transformer testing to reinforce learning.
  • Comprehensive Relay Types Overview: Insight into various protective relays, their applications, operations, and the specific functions they perform within the electrical system.
  • Failure Modes and Maintenance Practices: Identifying potential failure modes of protective relays and applying best maintenance practices to mitigate these risks.

Practical Application:

Participants will engage in hands-on labs that include:

  • Functional Relay Testing: Conducting mechanical inspections, calibration, and electrical tests on protective relays to ensure optimal performance.
  • Instrument Transformer Testing: Practical exercises on current and potential transformers critical for relay accuracy.
  • Protective Relay Calibration: Detailed procedures for calibrating various types of protective relays to ensure they operate correctly under fault conditions.
  • Real-World Scenario Analysis: Application of knowledge through troubleshooting exercises, simulating real-world protective system issues.

Certification / Credits

Upon completion, attendees will:

  • Possess a solid understanding of protective relay systems, their components, functions, and importance in electrical system protection.
  • Be capable of conducting detailed maintenance, testing, and calibration of protective relays to ensure system reliability and safety.
  • Have the skills to identify and troubleshoot potential issues within protective systems, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

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