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What are Interpersonal Skills?

Any time you interact with another person, your interpersonal skills are on display. Also known as people skills, interpersonal skills are often used interchangeably with communication skills.

People with good interpersonal skills demonstrate efficiency in communicating with others. In general they have great speaking and listening skills and a positive attitude that can influence others for the better

Interpersonal skills help people to be successful in both of their personal and professional lives, which is why a number of training providers today offer interpersonal skills training courses aimed to help people develop and grow this important skill-set.

What will you Learn During Interpersonal Skills Training?

Interpersonal skills training courses discuss fundamental topics, concepts and theories essential to develop an effective set of interpersonal skills. Topics discussed during people skills training often include:

  • Introduction to interpersonal skills
  • Importance of interpersonal skills
  • Different communication styles
  • Barriers to communication
  • Communication realities
  • Different levels of listening
  • Importance of listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Domains of emotional intelligence
  • Causes and effects of conflicts
  • Managing conflicts
  • People skills
  • Impacts we make on others and their consequences
  • Managing working relationships
  • Relationship mapping and analysis
  • Influencing strategies and types of influence
  • Getting positive results
  • Action planning
  • Creating healthy work environments
  • Values-based behavior

During one of these courses you may also discuss important topics such as how clear, effective, concise and powerful communication enhance your ability to influence others. You are also likely to discuss how non-verbal communication and tone can impact interactions.

Most interpersonal skills classes have no prerequisites and can be attended by anyone who is interested. While interpersonal training can benefit anyone, it can be key for those who need to connect with a wide range of people, like managers and customer service professionals.

interpersonal skills training

Formats of Interpersonal Training Courses

As interpersonal courses cover many topics and can benefit many different people, they are available in a wide range of formats to ensure that all potential participants can find the best option for them.

If you are a company looking to get a team or two of employees trained in interpersonal skills, you are probably looking for on-site training. With this format, an expert trainer will be sent to your workplace to deliver training directly. For a larger group, this option is both cost-effective and impactful.

If you are an individual looking for training for yourself, you may be interested in a classroom interpersonal skills class or seminar. These events are regularly held across the country by skilled lecturers. Prepare to learn a lot and make some great connections with your peers.

Online interpersonal skills courses are another choice - both for corporate and individual use. The benefit to online training is that it is available when and where you find it most convenient to study. Browse courses above and sign up, or start a conversation with a training provider about how they can create a custom solution for your employees.

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