Family Law Courses

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Family law courses focus on legal issues that involve family relationships, such as adoption, marriage, divorce, child custody and related economic matters. Find and compare family law courses below and develop a deeper understanding of family law.
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Family Law Courses

Some of the most common family law proceedings occur in connection with the dissolution of marriage or a romantic relationship. Participants enrolled in family law courses aid their clients by attaining in-depth knowledge of legal issues related to domestic abuse, separation, divorce, parental custody, visitation rights, alimony payments and child support.

Other subjects frequently highlighted in family law courses include:

  • Delinquency
  • Women's rights
  • Justice
  • Counseling
  • Dispute resolution / mediation
  • Representation

Benefits of Family Law Courses

In the search for a firm that best suits a client, it is important that the firm projects a knowledgeable image and showcases quality work. Courses in family law training provide an avenue for lawyers and paralegals to improve upon their efficacy, whether it be within the realm of client relations or improving upon their services.

If you are a legal professional and would like to gain new skills or knowledge regarding family law, a family law training or professional development course will help you reach your learning goals. You will distinguish yourself in your career with the attainment of these new skills and knowledge.

What Will You Learn?

Family law training programs cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from the legal creation and dissolution of families to the treatment of children and juveniles in the criminal justice system. Here are a few topics that family law courses cover:

  • Family law: Participants in a family law course could learn how families are legally created and dissolved. Specific topics covered could include marriage and divorce, adoption and custody.
  • Children's rights: Students may also take courses that specialize in children's rights, and focus on the legal system's relation to children, as well as the creation and dissolution of parental relationships.
  • Juvenile justice: In juvenile justice courses, participants will explore legal issues concerning juvenile offenders.
  • Domestic violence: Participants will examine the judicial system's response to domestic violence.They will also explore the dynamics of familial abusive relationships.

Family Law Course Formats

Most family law training classes are available online, offering flexibility and convenience to participants. Classroom and on-site training are available options that can give participants invaluable in-person learning experiences.

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