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Credit Analysis Training Courses

Credit analysis training aims to provide participants with fundamental understanding of and insights into the credit risk analysis process. The course often cover in detail various aspects and techniques for analyzing financial statements in order to help organizations in making better credit-related decisions. Credit analysis also looks into, and examines various non-financial factors that could affect the creditworthiness of a business such as industry/sector, business plan, top management, etc.

Credit risk is something that lenders always have faced when giving out money to borrowers. Such risk remains as a major concern for lenders everywhere. Lenders need to know as much as possible about potential borrowers in order to assess their ability to meet financial obligations. Knowing more about creditworthiness of a potential borrower means there are greater chances to minimize risk, maximize profits, increase market share, and reduce the financial provision that must be made for bad debt.

Benefits of Credit Analysis Training

Over the years, credit analysis has been one of the most important tasks carried out by banks and financial institutions that lend money in terms of minimizing credit risk.

As for credit analysts or students trying to get into the trade, they have a wide range of paths open to them. They don’t exactly have to work for any one particular type of company. A credit analyst is not limited to working for a bank or credit rating agency. Any company that offers financing for its products and services needs credit analysts. Credit analyst can work with a retail store, utility, automobile manufacturer, or an energy company among many others.

Credit analysis training courses can also lead to exciting career paths such as portfolio manager, investment banker, and loan and trust manager. Countless opportunities exists for trained credit analysts.

Format of Credit Analysis Training Courses

Many of the credit analysis training courses listed on this page are short and intensive. Usually ranging from one to five days, these courses will equip participants with skills and techniques for analysing credit and evaluating risk. These courses may also be related to analysing credit within certain markets such as:

  • Banking
  • Corporations
  • Local governments
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance

The most most common learning format for credit analysis training is classroom workshops with fixed dates and locations. If there is no date listed that fits your needs, try contacting the training provider with the information request form for alternatives. Many providers will also offer in-house training on request. 

Career Prospects in Credit Analysis

While a wide range of path is open for credit analysts, they usually get jobs in banks (commercial and investment), investment funds, private equity firms, non-banking financial institutions, credit rating agencies, stockbrokers and financial consulting firms.

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