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Big Data uses large sets of data to analyze trends, correlations, and gain insight important for improving business performance. Get certified in this in-demand field and learn how to implement big data towards better analytics solutions. Browse big data courses below.
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Displaying 1-20 of 407 results

Business in the Age of Big Data

Data is available everywhere and for everything. However, that doesn't mean that businesses are always (or even often) using the data they collect effectively. This is where big data courses come in.

Whether you are an individual looking to grow your career options or a company looking to build internal skills, big data should be on your radar.

Candidates for Big Data Courses

Big data is a technical field and post applicants for courses on this topic will have a background in data science and database management either from a formal education or prior job experience.

Top candidates for big data courses are current or aspiring data analysts andbusiness intelligence professionals. 

However, some big data courses are more informative than technical in nature. These courses are meant to inform about the potential of big data and it's practical application.

These courses may be attended by executives and managers looking to find out how big data can help them reach business goals.

Wondering which of the courses above will be best for you? Check out the individual descriptions to see who should attend or request information to learn more from the provider.

Types of Big Data Courses Available

As mentioned briefly above, those interested in learning more about big data have many course options to choose from based on their background, the outcome they are seeking from the course, and more.

Most of the big data courses we have listed above fall into three main categories:

  1. Informative big data courses - offer information about this technology to stakeholders rather than technical training for data analysts
  2. Skills-based big data courses - practical courses that teach professionals how to sort, manage, and analyze big data using a variety of methods. These courses range from introductions to big data all the way to advanced bootcamp style courses
  3. Big data courses specific to one type of technology - learn how to manage and analyze big data using a specific technology such as Microsoft R or Hadoop

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Big Data Certification

Most agree that a big data certification does not automatically make you an expert. In most cases, becoming a data scientist requires several years of intense math and statistics study. However, that doesn't mean that there is no reason for you to earn a big data certification.

Become an Expert in Specific Data Analysis Software

If you work with a specific type of data analysis software on the job, it might be worth your time to earn the corresponding big data certification. By going through the certification process, you will gain more in depth knowledge of the software - and easily prove this knowledge to your employer. This could lead to a raise and even future job opportunities.

Popular Big Data Certifications

Which should you earn? See some popular options below:

  • AWS Big Data Specialty Certification - prove that you are an expert in the AWS ecosystem
  • Cloudera certifications - prove that you use Cloudera to turn raw data into useful information. The four main ones are: CCP Data Engineer, CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer, CCA Data Analyst, and CCA Administrator
  • MCSE Data Management and Analytics - This is the Microsoft certification track to take if you are into big data

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