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Android Operating Systems Training

Android Training

Android Operating Systems Training

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is far and away the most widely used operating system for mobile devices and over one million applications have been developed for use on this OS.

Search the below list of courses for training programs in android app development and other skills related to this powerful operating system for mobile devices. Once you've found several options that suit your needs, send information requests and the training companies will respond directly.

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Android Application Development & Programming
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4 days
2,990 USD
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You Will Learn How To Deliver robust mobile business applications and integrate them with enterprise systems Create intuitive, reliable software...
Displaying 1-1 of 1 results

More about Android Operating Systems Training

The Android operating system has come a long way since its inception and unveiling in 2007. The OS was originally received with a fair amount of skepticism, due to its open-source nature and heavy reliance on Linux. It was unclear if the market was going to be comfortable with switching their devices to this brand new type of operating system. That time of doubt is clearly behind us, as Android has grown to be the most widely used operating system for smart phones and is steadily growing in use for tablets.

App Development for Android

Finding a way to communicate your new and fresh idea on quite possibly the world's fastest-growing platforms can be intimidating to say the least. Courses outlining approaches and best practice for developing applications for use on android powered mobile devices are an excellent place to start. Many fundamentals courses offering development outline general mobile development skills but spend significant time on android development in particular. It's not hard to imagine why - with over 1 billion android powered devices in use, that represents a pretty large population of potential users for your new app.

Take Android Courses Anywhere with E-learning Options

App development courses in Android are almost perfectly suited for e-learning.What makes more sense then learning how to develop your mobile application while using a mobile device? E-learning providers also offer a great deal of flexibility, not only in terms of mobility but course payment plans. Many offer their courses on a subscription basis, allowing the user to take any number of courses from their catalog within a predetermined period of time. In this way the learner can cover all the steps necessary in creating a viable android-based mobile application, all the way from inception to launch.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Newest Android Version

Understanding all the tools and features necessary to build a cloud connected Android app takes time. It can sometimes feel like a real challenge keeping up with the latest version of this ever evolving mobile operating system. Most training programs for Android, whether fundamentals or advanced, offer an in-depth look at the latest version. Many also specialize in a given update, outlining the newest and latest features of KitKat, Jellybean and further back.

Getting Your Android Application Out into the World

It's not enough to simply know how to make the app, app developers and entrepreneurs are often a one person show - needing to know how to do everything on both the technical and non-technical sides of creating mobile applications. This means that when the app as development of the app has finished, much of the work has just begun. Find a training program that guides you not only in the creation of the applications but in its subsequent launch and marketing strategies. Consider looking specifically in other categories such as digital marketing and sales to learn more about getting your new product started off on the right foot.

More Training Options and Web Development and Marketing

Many training programs that are suitable for development of an android application are also ideal for other types of mobile and cloud storage-based applications. Consider searching in web development or graphic design to find more options to help further efforts in working with the android operating system.