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Leadership Training Hopes to Attract New Employees

Often leadership training is aimed at and reserved for top managers and supervisors and is not utilized for other employees. Although this may seem logical, leadership skills are valuable for everyone - no matter their position.

Last year Forbes addressed this need in an article that explained the importance of providing leadership training to millennials. According to Forbes, millennials are very confident in their abilities and career goals, but they often seek constant feedback. If they do not get the feedback that they desire then they are usually quick to change jobs. Leadership training is a good way to keep millennials challenged and motivated in their positions. 

Forbes found that leadership training can help retain employees, but can it also attract them? 

In Kentucky, Stewart Richey Construction is taking initiative and investing in leadership training for their employees. Their hope is that this training will create a positive work environment and lead to an increase in applications.

With 7,000 jobs open due to the lack of available workers in Kentucky, Stewart Richey Construction is hoping to set themselves apart with their training initiative and fill many of the vacant positions with new young employees. 

Current company employees are saying that the training has already helped them develop in the workforce as well as personally. (Source: WBKO)

What does this mean for professional development?

Due to the many benefits associated with leadership training, the Kentucky workforce should start to see a rise in training opportunities offered. Companies need to start filling some of the vacant positions and it appears that offering leadership training may be the answer to drawing in new employees!  

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Last updated: 02 Oct 2020

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