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Emotional Intelligence - The New Science of Success

Wronski Associates
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Emotional Intelligence - The New Science of Success

In Leadership and the New Science, Dr. Margaret Wheatley’s provocative book on chaos theory as it pertains to organizations, our world is described as not being made up by atoms, but rather by relationships. In today’s wired world, we are more connected to each other than ever before.

Your ultimate success as a performer in your organization depends on your ability to connect – not just electronically, but interpersonally as well. This ability to build person to person connections – to work effectively with others – is a component of a skill set which is much talked about these days: Emotional Intelligence.

The concept of emotional intelligence has been around for decades, but it captured the imagination of the business world in 1995 through Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ? Dr. Goleman’s research with more than 120 organizations identified four characteristics of emotional intelligence common among corporate “Superstars:”

  • Self-Awareness – your ability to tune in to your own emotions
  • Self-Management – your ability to regulate your emotions and maximize your performance
  • Social Awareness –your ability to connect with, understand and accept the emotional states of others
  • Relationship Management – your ability to interact effectively and inspire higher levels of performance from others

Over the last two decades there has been a steady stream of new insights that further illuminate the dynamics of emotional intelligence. This course will include the latest discoveries from diverse areas of study including neurology, physiology, intentionality, engagement studies, stress management research, and the insights of networking experts to deepen your understanding of emotional intelligence and enhance your ability to apply it in your workplace environments.

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Who should attend?

Target Audience

This program is designed for all levels within an organization. All managers and employees will benefit from this foundational program in Emotional Intelligence. Attendees in this program will also be given a take away assessment that they can use to solicit 360 degree feedback in order to understand emotional competency strengths as well as areas for improvement and development.

Training content

Key Topics

I. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • The anatomy of an emotion - what is an emotion and why are we so emotional?
  • Understanding the human brain and emotions
  • Automatic System 1 Thinking – how our emotional brain leads us into decisions
  • Reflective System 2 Thinking - when our rational brain intentionally, proactively manages the impulses of our emotional brain
  • Derailment - understanding how our automatic thinking can sabotage our success
  • Defining the four elements and the 18 competencies of of emotional intelligence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social-Awareness
  • Relationship Management
  • Assessment - what do I need to work on in this workshop

II. Emotional Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Self-Awareness - Reading one’s own emotions and recognizing their impact
  • Accurate Self-Assessment - Knowing one’s strengths and limits and being open to feedback
  • Self-Confidence: A sound sense of one’s self-worth and capabilities
  • Mental Agility - awareness of System 1 and System 2 thinking patterns

III. Emotional Self-Management

  • Mental Agility - intentionally choosing your response
  • Managing our emotions – understanding the connection between emotions, thoughts and behaviors
  • Behavioural strategies - understanding how our physiology helps us to manage our emotional energy
  • The A,B,C’s of Life – the truth about disruptive emotions, and using rational emotive theory to manage our emotions
  • Tools for managing anger, guilt, anxiety, and depression

IV. Emotional Self-Motivation

  • Uncovering your personal motivations – what gets you up in the morning
  • The importance of visualizing your goals
  • Understanding delayed gratification
  • Training your brain to be emotionally enthusiastic about achieving your goals

V. Social Awareness

  • Video clips of emotional behaviors – the role of body language and tone of voice
  • A quick quiz on empathy
  • Understanding Feeling Blockers and how they hurt your interpersonal effectiveness
  • How to communicate empathy to others
  • Collaborative intention exercise
  • Managing defensiveness
  • Asking learning questions instead of judging questions

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