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Interactive 3D Graphics

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Course description

Interactive 3D Graphics: E-learning from Udacity

Interactive 3D Graphics from Udacity

This course introduces participants to the driving principles behind 3D computer graphics - meshes, cameras, materials, lighting, animation and much more. Course material will introduce participants to a number of interactive programs able to be run in a web browser. 


Delegates will gain a portfolio of smalle interactive programs and enough know-how to make an animated 3D demo program. 

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Who should attend?

This advanced level Interactive 3D Graphics course is designed for anyone hoping to gain a basic understanding of 3D computer graphics.


Participants should know some programming, knowledge of JavaScript and familiarity with vectors and matrices will be usefull. It is also recommended that participants have a browser that supports WebGL technology. 

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Training content

Training topics for this Interactive 3D Graphics course include:


  • Motivation and a trip down the graphics pipeline, laying out the fundamental processes

Points, Vectors, and Meshes

  • The basics of 3D geometry definition

Colors and Materials

  • Color representation, material computations, transparency


  • Translation, scale, rotate and how to properly combine all these


  • Transform representation and how to fully control these


  • Directional and point light sources


  • How the camera is defined

Textures and Reflections

  • Color and opacity textures, along with reflection and normal mapping

Shader Programming

  • An introduction to programming vertex and pixel shaders

Interaction and Animation

  • How to select and make objects move


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Estimated time for completion assuming 6 hours per week: Approx. 2 months

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