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The Dynamic Leadership Center

In United States of America
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The Dynamic Leadership Center

The Dynamic Leadership Center

The Dynamic Leadership Center delivers mindfulness and emotional intelligence based training to professional services firms, technology companies, and the Fortune 500. They specialize in changing the behaviors of leaders and aspiring leaders so that they are more focused, more effectively communicate, and have more resilience to the daily ups and downs of work / life.

Improve Your Brain's Performance

The Dynamic Leadership Center delivers in-person, instructor-led training that changes how people work. Developed in collaboration with experts that rolled out programs at Google and other large corporations, these programs use the latest findings in neuroscience to improve our brains' performance.

Focused Attention Training

Develop skills to work more productively in an office environment. Stay focused for longer. Improve listening ability. Act less impulsively. Work better under stress.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understand how emotions affect every aspect of work - building relationships, making decisions, and communicating effectively - and learn to use them to our advantage.

Leadership Development

Cultivate effective leadership traits for either current or aspiring leaders to ensure that the ripple effect of their actions are improving the people around them.

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Corporate / Group Training
Leadership Length Price Location Reviews
Mindful Leadership Training United States of America
4.9 (44)
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Training United States of America
4.9 (13)
Personal Development
Focused Attention Training United States of America
4.8 (9)
Mindfulness Training United States of America
4.9 (23)
Stress Management
Stress Management Training United States of America
4.7 (17)


Average rating 4.8

Based on 106 reviews.
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Grace B
23 Oct 2017
Better listener

I am a much better mindful listener now. I recognize I always want to add something or jump in and with the exercise I find myself waiting to respond and really listening wholeh...

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Caitlin L
23 Oct 2017

It is challenging to form new habits, but this course provides the tools to help you get over the hump

Mike N
23 Oct 2017
Good course

I'm way too hard on myself, and I learned strategies to be more forgiving while staying motivated

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The Dynamic Leadership Center