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Criticism & Discipline Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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1-Day Seminar
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1-Day Seminar
149 USD
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31 July, 2024 See details
Virtual Classroom
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Course description

Straightforward solutions to your employee discipline problems

These days you just can't afford employees who drag down morale, destroy productivity and distract you from important projects. Here's a proven system for dealing with difficult employees, once and for all.

At this seminar, you'll learn how to …

  • Approach an employee about the problem behavior … in a way that minimizes accusations, hostility and defensiveness
  • Create an improvement plan … and get your employee to commit to it
  • Coach the employee … so there's no chance of misunderstanding
  • Document the process … to encourage steady progress
  • Discipline, reassign or dismiss the person if the problem doesn't improve … and handle it all fairly

With the skills you will gain at this seminar, you'll get your difficult employees to pull their own weight. You'll eliminate "weak links" — and reveal a fully functioning team.

Recognize these difficult employees?

  • The "bad attitudes."
    They complain constantly, and their dismal outlook is poisoning the rest of your team. Often, they have the skills to do their work well, but they fall short when it comes to enthusiasm, energy and commitment.
  • The unskilled.
    They just don't have the skills they need. Maybe their jobs have outgrown them. Maybe they never had the skills and it's becoming more and more apparent. Or perhaps they simply lack good judgment.
  • The misdirected.
    These employees aren't really difficult at all. They work hard and demonstrate their commitment. Unfortunately, they're confused about what you expect, or they've gotten distracted from their goals. They'll be happy to perform if you can help them find the way.

Attend this powerful one-day seminar and learn how to discipline employees who …

  • Have a bad attitude
  • Are chronically tardy
  • Miss work often
  • Refuse to take responsibility
  • Challenge your authority
  • Get derailed by personal problems

You'll learn how to distinguish the types of problem employees. You'll learn the hidden causes behind difficult behavior, and you'll find out how to deal with each employee carefully and compassionately. And best of all, you'll learn how to correct the problem with …

  • Clear standards
  • Realistic action plans
  • Progressive discipline

Turn your "lost causes" into solid contributors

All managers have to deal with difficult employees at some point. This seminar is an ideal way for you and your colleagues to get important training in performance management all at once. After this seminar, you and the rest of your management team will speak the same language. You'll support each other in creating action plans, managing difficult employees and applying progressive discipline.

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31 July, 2024

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Course delivery details

Understanding the problem:

  • What a problem employee looks like: nine symptoms to watch for
  • Emotional and psychological roots of poor performance
  • Should you wait until there is a clear pattern of problem behavior? Surprisingly, no — you’ll learn why
  • A checklist to help you determine if you’re unconsciously triggering the poor performance
  • Communication breakdowns leading to performance problems
  • How to pinpoint the causes of problem employees

Taking positive action

  • Six factors to consider when choosing corrective measures
  • Seven signs your problem employee needs more training
  • Ways to prepare yourself for confronting a problem employee
  • How to explain the problem to your employee without placing blame or causing defensiveness
  • Techniques for setting realistic, clear performance standards (so you reward the behaviors you want and discourage those you don’t)
  • Progressive discipline: what to do when initial corrective actions don’t work
  • How to develop a performance improvement plan

Handling employees who:

  • Have a bad attitude
  • Are chronically tardy
  • Miss work often
  • Refuse to take responsibility
  • Challenge your authority
  • Get derailed by personal problems

Preparing for dismissals

  • Guidelines for documenting the disciplinary process:
    • When to start
    • What to include
    • How to be consistent with company policy and employee agreements
    • When and how to use a witness
    • The right questions to ask
  • When all else fails: how to talk with employees who are not improving and help them feel better about moving on
  • How to avoid grievances, and the best ways to handle them if they do arise

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