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What is Corporate Finance?

The area of finance that deals with capital structure of corporations, sourcing of financial resources and help that financial managers make investment decisions, applying various tools and techniques, is generally defined as corporate finance. In simpler terms, corporate finance is the study of sources of finance that aids financial managers to make decisions in order to add maximum value to the shareholders' wealth using the money raised in the most effective ways.

Corporate Finance Courses

Dealing with funds and allocating them towards different operating functions of a corporation in order to maximize shareholder value is considered to be the main functionality of corporate finance. It decides which campaigns are likely to be profitable and therefore should be considered for investment and helps acquire new businesses.

Corporate finance training aims to equip professionals with the understanding and insights to familiarize themselves with decision-making scenarios and valuation processes for corporations. Topics discussed in corporate finance training courses include but are not limited to: cost of preferred stock and cost of debt, use of weighted average cost of capital in investment appraisal techniques such as net present value, payback period, profitability index, receivables and cash, securities, debt instruments, risk and return procedures, capital asset pricing models and tax allocation.

Corporate finance training is designed to equip learners with a clear understanding and insight of core concepts so that they are able to make important financial and investment decision.

Corporate Finance Course Format

The majority of universities and colleges include corporate finance courses in their curriculum for undergrads and post graduates, taught in traditional formats and are usually part of the business or commerce courses and degrees. Online options have enabled the busy professional the flexibility of taking the course when and where they choose. Those who successfully complete corporate finance training are usually awarded with degrees, certificates or diplomas.

Career Prospects for Corporate Finance Professionals

It is absolutely essential for large organisations to track their performances accurately, have information readily available to make strategic decisions, and to ensure the business is geared to remain profitable. The corporate finance professional is responsible for this very important function. It is essential for these individuals stay abreast of latest trends and to learn the latest techniques and rules that govern the industry. Corporate finance training will keep the finance professional sharp and up to date.

Professionals with a degree or certificates in corporate finance get jobs in different industries, such as investment banking, stock exchanges, insurance, corporations and commercial banks, real estate etc. Common job titles held by professionals include corporate finance manager and bankers, financial analyst, and consultants.

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