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How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

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1-Hour Webinar
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Course description

Taking on a managerial role is no easy task. Not only are you responsible for keeping your projects on time and yourself motivated, but you must see to it that your department works well with others, your team is on target and on task, and your employees remain upbeat and focused. You must learn when and how to lead, delegate, motivate and communicate. Are you confident that you have the skills necessary to succeed as a new manager?

You did a great job in your previous position, and you've earned your supervisory role. However, the skills that made you a great employee will not necessarily make you a great manager. You are now held accountable not only for your work, but for the work of your team. You must control costs, maintain a positive and productive team environment and ensure upper management is satisfied. Clearly, you have your work cut out for you.

With this training, you can make your move into management smoother and more successful.

In just one hour of insightful training, you'll learn how to truly lead in your managerial role while avoiding the most common pitfalls new and untrained supervisors face. From having a clear understanding of your new role to gaining buy-in from your new staff, we'll provide you with the strategies and techniques that will help you get real results, while minimizing stress and frustration.

As you transition into your new role, do you have a firm grip on the tasks at hand … and the arsenal of skills needed to lead your team, maintain your sanity and prove yourself to your manager? Or are you worried you are:

  • Focusing too little energy on your boss?
  • Confusing the urgent with the important?
  • Failing to get a clear understanding of your new role and responsibilities?
  • Assigning tasks instead of delegating work?
  • Choosing inappropriate leadership styles for different situations?
  • Missing opportunities to control the hidden aspects of communication?
  • Seeing yourself as "the boss" rather than a coach, counselor and leader?
  • Ignoring the underlying problems your team faces?
  • Forgetting to focus on the task of growing the skill sets of your people — and yourself?

If you find yourself struggling with any of these situations, you need to attend this program and get the training you need to achieve management success. You can take charge of your job, develop your employees, discover the tools necessary to build confidence and competence, and achieve real results fast!

Don't spend another day battling the responsibilities of your management position. If you want to start producing positive results right away and avoid the missteps that sabotage many new supervisors, enroll today! This powerful and informative one-hour webinar will provide you with the tools necessary to establish credibility, gain respect and get employees on board in your new leadership role.

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Course delivery details

  • The importance of recognizing how to manage tasks while leading people
  • Why understanding your boss's communication style is as important as understanding your own
  • The four quadrants of effectiveness and how they can help you organize your day
  • Techniques for assessing your employees, including their strengths and weaknesses, behavioral styles and likes and dislikes
  • The four stages of team development and how you can adapt your leadership style to each
  • How to recognize opportunities to communicate effectively — and listen effectively
  • Ways to eliminate barriers that stand in your way of managing more productively
  • Tips for dealing with the elephant in the room — even if that elephant is you
  • Solutions for increasing motivators and decreasing demotivators in order to expand your team's skills effectively
  • The value of personal development and the dangers of inadequate stress management

Certification / Credits

Managers and supervisors who have recently been promoted, those taking on new responsibilities, those with little or no formal training — even seasoned professionals needing a refresher — will benefit from the ideas, techniques and tools offered in this powerful program.

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