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Ele D.
31 May 2020

I took Voice Dialogue 1 as part of my coach training with inviteCHANGE. Voice Dialogue is one of the most powerful coaching tools that I have learned for my own personal growth ...

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George S.
28 Apr 2020

While I was very open and honest with myself and coach, Carl gave some great feedback, insights and tactics to develop to help me grow as a person and professional.

Dominic K.
22 Jan 2019

High level coaching with values

Ann D.
09 Jan 2019

inviteCHANGE was the best option we found for continual learning. I found it an incredible help in regards to not only advancing and supplying me not only the right hours to kee...

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Jordan S.
14 Aug 2018

Invite Change transformed our team and culture and taught us how to coach and support generative Change. They live the skills they teach. Outstanding organization!

Bruce H.
20 Jun 2018

What was offered in the way of instruction was absolutely what was essential to understand and know, not only to be a better human being, but also to be a competent coach. When ...

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Sandy S.
04 Jan 2018

I was astounded with how much support I had at every turn. It was almost impossible not to succeed in that class.

Kathy P.
13 Oct 2017

Becoming a Certified Professional Coach through Invite Change hit the mark for me. I'd compared a few different programs and this was what I was looking for - supporting my own ...

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Kim G.C.
12 Oct 2017

Invite Change Coaching was the best investment in my new career as a coach and in myself as I started transforming my life as well as the lives of my clients. Thank You.

Pam B.
04 Apr 2017

In the class Authentic Presence now and enjoying an exceptional experience!

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