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Voice Dialogue 1 for Coaching

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Voice Dialogue 1 for Coaching

Voice Dialogue provides a path to conscious freedom, creative options, and life fulfillment. By incorporating this with professional coaching, practitioners support their clients to experience sustaining behavior change that results in a higher quality of life.

It is a powerful approach to self-knowing where we meet our ‘inner family’ of selves and discover the needs and gifts of each. It is a perfect vehicle for those who are tired of the status quo and are ready for change that is organic, effective and lasting. Whether new to self-discovery or a seasoned seeker, there is benefit from this process because it enhances and deepens previous insights and shifts. The dialogue process leads to exploration of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings that impact and express in the body and through behaviors.

The power of Voice Dialogue comes from its respectful, honoring and non-judgmental interview process which reveals inner chatter, making it available for curious scrutiny. Individuals become familiar with their parts – their motivations, fears, desires, values, rules, dreams and frustrations. By inviting and discovering the Pusher, Critic, Protector, Vulnerable Child and other selves to express what they desire, fear and offer, we learn to dissolve long held patterns which have become our prisons. Voice Dialogue generates awareness of these patterns and creates breakthroughs that empower new attitudes and actions in all aspects of life.

Familiarity with our parts and patterns leads to understanding, appreciation, acceptance and the development of a centered consciousness that can hold the learning from all of the parts and choose perspectives and actions/behaviors that effectively move you towards your intentions.

The beauty of Voice Dialogue is its simplicity. It is easy to learn and immediately applicable . It can be used individually or with a facilitator. More importantly, there are no mandates for action ~ it’s the being in witness to oneself that is the catalyst for shift to happen. Effort and discipline are not part of the recipe!

The legacy of Voice Dialogue is transformative: conscious choice and lasting change. As inner understanding occurs, energy becomes available to step towards new ways of being, into life balance, connected relationships, fulfillment, creativity, personal freedom, and inner peace. You will notice long held negative patterns dissolve. You will discover easier navigation through disempowering beliefs and inner conflicts. You will develop a greater capacity to understand, appreciate and have compassion for yourself and others.

As an ACTP accredited school we utilize a variety of on-going needs assessments with graduates, including written survey, telephone survey, alumni gatherings and unsolicited requests for development. We consistently receive inquiries for developing broader skills and deeper capacity to respond to the full presentation of clients – to become more facile in assisting clients to deeply know, accept, and grow themselves beyond their blind spots, automatic functioning and limiting beliefs. Voice Dialogue for Coaching also serves the coaches by expanding their own self-development and adding this modality as a coach offering.

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Training content

  • Learn the fundamentals of Voice Dialogue
  • Gain access to some of your inner selves
  • Facilitate other coaches in the Voice Dialogue process
  • Acquire enough skill to begin using this process with your own clients

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Ele D.
31 May 2020

I took Voice Dialogue 1 as part of my coach training with inviteCHANGE. Voice Dialogue is one of the most powerful coaching tools that I have learned for my own personal growth ...

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