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The world’s most commonly used operating system for desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft Windows is used extensively for personal and professional use. Learn new techniques and discover time saving methods with one of the Windows training courses below!
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Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Windows has grown substantially over the years, offering a range of different operating systems for multiple types of devices and a variety of personal and professional purposes.  Windows OS is most commonly used on desktop and laptop computers, with more than 90% of the total market share for operating systems. Windows also maintains a strong presence in the smartphone and tablet sectors, powering the interface for a number of mobile products.

Windows Training Courses for Users

Most of us use Windows on a desktop or laptop computer every day, both at work and home. Few people, however, are taking full advantage of the versatility and timesaving methods that this powerful operating system has to offer. Windows training courses for regular users are designed to guide learners through the functions of the Windows OS.

The ultimate goal for most user-oriented Windows training courses are twofold; highlighting new techniques the leaner may not have previously been aware of and outlining time saving methods that enable professionals to apply more productive habits to their daily work activities.

Migrating to the Newest Windows OS Version

Just finding the free time to do regular computer and software updates can be challenging, not to mention installing the newest version of the operating system. Transferring user settings, files, images and configuring the newest version can take time and energy that most of us just don’t have. Consider taking a short online Windows training course to speed things along and learn how to automate migration along with other helpful shortcuts to the process. Find a course for migrating from:

  • Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Windows 7 to Windows 8
  • Windows XP to Windows 8
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Windows 8 to Windows 10
  • Switching from Mac to Windows

Whether for personal preference or, more commonly, starting a new job where Windows OS is the norm – getting used to using a new OS and navigating a completely different interface can indeed prove challenging. Courses for professionals needing to switch from MAC to Windows (or vice versa) are intended to guide learners to the differences in interface navigation and relate Windows functions in a manner that a regular user is sure to understand.

Microsoft Windows Training for IT Professionals

Windows Server is a series of server operating systems based on the Windows desktop operating systems that are designed for corporate networking, databases, and intranet hosting.  Training courses for Microsoft Windows Server are ideal for IT professionals who need a better understanding of how to use Windows Server. Microsoft Windows Server has gone through many updates, and Windows training can get up up to date on the latest version. The operating system is offered in several packages, including:

  • SharePoint Server
  • Project Server
  • Lync Server
  • Groove Server
  • PerformancePoint Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Search Server

Consider searching for a Windows training course based on the specific server you’re hoping to learn more about. Courses will also be organized based on level of difficulty. Many providers offer longer three to five day programs designed to take participants from beginner to full, advanced level proficiency in Windows Server versions. 

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