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More About Montana

There are few places on the planet that compare to Montana. Bearing a number of colorful mottos, Montana is known as "The Treasure State", "Big Sky Country",  "Land of the Shining Mountains", among others. None of these names, however, captures the states true natural beauty. Montana is a big state with a small population, and that's exactly how the people who live there like it. That is not to say, however, that the state does not welcome visitors.

Tourism is the fastest growing economic driver in the state. Home to Yellowstone National Park, Bighorn Canyon, and Glacier National Park, Montana draws visitors from all over the world. Residents and visitors can enjoy legendary fishing, scenic hikes in the summer, beautiful ski mountains in the winter and much more. Search for training in Montana and learn skills that will help you grow professionally while enjoying all that Montana has to offer.

Tourism in Montana

The secret is out - Montana is beautiful. While not yet the largest industry in the state, tourism is clearly booming and there are a number of training providers in the service and hospitality industry that offer training in Montana to help it grow. Whether located in Montana or other parts of the U.S., these providers offer valuable skills for anyone hoping to capitalize on this surge in visitors. Be it learning restaurant management, or new booking systems for hotels, there is training available in a variety of areas to help you succeed in this expanding industry. Use the search bar at the top of the screen and discover a number of courses that will ensure your professional development needs are met. 

Training in Finance

Montana has some special tax laws that can be quite complicated to navigate. The state has no sales tax and property tax is assessed differently than in most states, including a number of additional holdings including farm machinery and livestock, vehicles and business equipment. Personal income tax can also be quite complicated, divided as it is into 7 brackets.

Make sure that you are managing business and personal finances correctly with a finance course. There are a number of providers who offer short classroom and in-house courses for finance training in Montana. Search in the finance category for courses that meet your needs in a number of specializations such as payroll, financial management, and investment banking.

As the center of Montana and largest near-city for much of Wyoming, Billings is an ideal place for courses related to big business and finance. Consider training providers located here for courses on a range of finance related subjects such as credit control and financial management.

Oil & Gas in Montana

Billings, the most populated city in Montana, represents the commercial center for some of the largest oil and natural gas fields in the U.S. Three major oil refineries are located in and around Billings. Oil and gas industry training providers in this part of Montana are often highly experienced in their fields and offer courses on a range of technical and operations subjects for both E&P and downstream professionals. Search by location or specific needs and request more information from any of the providers that offer training in Montana.

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