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More About Covington

The city of Covington, Louisiana was originally founded in the year 1813 and is located in the Southern region of the United States. Today, the city preserves as much of its history as it can, ensuring the conservation of the city’s historic buildings and homes. The city prides itself on being modern, but still instantly recognizable to any resident from the past. This dynamic between on old and new make training in Covington, LA a great choice for any professional.

Covington's History

European settlers originally found the area of present day Covington in the early 19th century. A merchant by the name of John Wharton Collins officially established the town in the year 1813, naming it “Wharton” after himself. A few years later the town was renamed to “Covington” and formally incorporated in 1816. There has been disagreement on where the name “Covington” originates, but historians largely attribute the name to General Leonard Covington, a hero from the War of 1812. Other theories state that the city was named after a popular drink among locals, Blue Grass whiskey, which was produced in Covington, Kentucky.

Covington also had a bit of an interesting history regarding the healing and medicinal powers of the ozone waters from the Northshore. During a breakout of Yellow Fever in New Orleans in the late 1800s, people flocked to the city of Covington to bathe in the water and become cured. As a result, Covington was once referred to as the “Most Healthy Place in the United States”. Search for training in Covington, LA and grow professionally while seeing the rich history that the city offers. 

Economy of Covington, LA

As mentioned previously, the city of Covington, Louisiana prides itself in its history and different cultural aspects from historical times. As such, a large source of economic dependency of Covington is from the arts and cultural attractions the town has to offer. Covington, Louisiana is home to several impressive art galleries displaying art from every medium. There is also a large concentration of film and video producers in the city of Covington, Louisiana. The Louisiana Motion Picture Incentive Act, which provides tax credits series filmed in the state, has played a large role in the increase of filmography in Covington.

Covington, Louisiana is also the center of the medical and legal professions in the area. Some of the top employers in the city are medical centers, facilities, and hospitals. Reaching back to its former glory of the healthiest place in the United States, these medical professionals strive to provide the best support and care to all residents. If you are in the healthcare industry and would like to enhance your skills or gain more knowledge about the industry, browse the list of training in Covington, LA area.

Business in Covington, LA

The majority of residents in Covington, Louisiana are employed in the accommodation & food service, healthcare or retail fields. If you are a business professional in any of these industries and would like to enhance your skills and knowledge of the area, consider undergoing training or professional development in Covington, Louisiana. Furthermore, if you would like to begin your career in one of these industries, there is introductory and beginners level training available. Join the business professionals in the Covington, Louisiana area and enhance your career today!

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