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Develop your Tech Career with Red Hat Training

Red Hat is the leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions. If you work in IT, chances are that you will be using Red Hat technology somewhere along the way. Whether you need training to meet the knowledge requirements of your current position, or are looking to the future, you can't go wrong with a Red Hat training course.

Above, you will find expert Red Hat training from a range of training providers located across North America. Get in touch to find out how they can help you develop your skills in this area.

Who Needs Red Hat Training?

As Red Hat offers such a wide range of products and solutions, the potential audience for Red Hat training courses is quite varied. Anyone from a developer looking to integrate their company's platform to the cloud to a CEO interested in how Red Hat solutions can increase their company's efficiency may, at some point, enroll in one of the courses above. Some common job titles for participants include:

  • System administrators
  • System engineers
  • DevOps
  • Developers
  • Cloud administrators

Not sure if you are good candidate? Request information to get in touch with any of the course providers above. They will be able to help you decide which of their courses will be most beneficial for you.

Training to Help You Earn Red Hat Certifications

Red Hat offers a number of certifications to help IT professionals prove their expertise in various products. Not only is Red Hat dedicated to helping IT professionals, but they offer certification resources to employers in order to make it easier to hire qualified professionals.

Why should you seek Red Hat certification training instead of studying on your own? An official course will cover the exact topics that will be covered on the exam. Not only that, but your trainer will be able to advise you on the style of the exam itself so that your chances of success on the first try are as great as possible

Red Hat certifications are available for professionals at a range of levels and topics. Check out the course list above to find out which you can get training in from the providers listed here.

red hat training

Formats of Red Hat Training Courses

To meet the needs of all potential trainees, Red Hat training is available in a variety of formats. For the individual, classroom or online Red Hat courses are most common. With a classroom course or seminar, you will study in person alongside your peers. This is a great option for those who learn best in-person.

Online training is an extremely flexible option. For most online Red Hat courses, you have the option to study on your own time. Even if the course includes live portions, they will often be recorded to watch later. Another benefit is that you will most likely be able to revisit courses as many times as you would like within a set period.

Similar Training Areas

With so many different IT products available today, IT pros need a wide range of expertise. It could be that Red Hat training isn't the best area to work in at this time. Below are some options for training in other areas that can help drive your career!

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